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Failed TOC photos

Our photo editors name the photographs they wish were never printed.


Cover, December 15, 2005
A picture of a picture on the cover only works in MAD magazine.�Nicole Radja


Cover, March 5, 2009
What�s more boring than a toolbox full of random stuff? Nothing.Nicole Radja


Cover, May 27, 2010
After frantically racing to the Navy Pier outpost of Build-a-Bear to purchase the only pair of swim trunks that fit the width of an iPad, I realized maybe this idea wasn�t as cute as we all thought.�Martha Williams

 (Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki)
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Front of book section, November 25, 2010
Having your editor-in-chief ask you whether someone�s genitals are visible in a photograph (taken at Everleigh Social Club) is a really awkward experience.�Andrew Nawrocki


DIY issue, April 23, 2010
I made an intern build a dildo out of motel bar soap, and photograph it. Yep, that made it into print!Martha Williams