Finding a Chicago apartment

How to find your dream home in this insane rental market.

If you've searched for an apartment lately, you've likely experienced it: intense competition for not-so-great places with crazy-high rents. But don't move into a cardboard box just yet. In this issue, we find you 12 great apartments (you're welcome!), reveal what makes a good leasing agent and zero in on the best neighborhood for cheap rents. So recycle that box and find your next dream home.

16 amazing Chicago apartments

We scoured the city to find standout pads.

Four reasons to snag an apartment in Sheridan Park

Sheridan Park in Uptown is an up-and-coming neighborhood.

Why you should buy a home now

A broker explains why now’s the time to take the plunge.

Should you use a leasing agent?

Renters and industry experts give the lowdown on apartment-finding services.

How to find the best apartments on Craigslist

Watch out for these tricks played by leasing agents.

I can rent here ?

Find a pad in a former Masonic temple and more.