Help us hate Wisconsin

As we prepare for Sunday's big Bears game against the Packers, the one that will decide who's going to the playoffs and whose season will end in shame, we've been thinking about how much we hate the Packers. The obnoxious fans wearing those dumb foam cheese hats. B.J. Raji's annoying victory dance. The fact that the team has been torching our asses ever since Aaron Rodgers became the quarterback.

But for the life of us, we can't think of anything else we hate about Wisconsin. (Okay, Gov. Walker is kind of a dickhouse.) Much to Wisconsinites' chagrin, we Illinoisans travel to our northern neighbor all the time for its plentiful beer, cheese and beer cheese. Hell, back in our print days, we devoted not just one Road Trips issue to Milwaukee, but two. So we need your help to get us fired up for Sunday's game: Tell us (via FB, Twitter or leaving a comment below) something that really irks you about your cheesehead friends over the border, other than their bad taste in football teams. We'll post the best responses on Sunday before the game. Go Bears!

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