How to survive the holidays

Show Christmas who’s boss—and recapture the joy of the season—with our ultimate survival guide

Holidays kicking your ass? TOC 407 cover photo

Holidays kicking your ass? TOC 407 cover photo Photograph: Taylor Castle

Find your holiday hookup

These six events are solid bets to find fellow singles this season.

Last-minute holiday shopping

Decent gifts from CVS and Jewel.

The advantages of being born near Christmas

Holiday babies have a lot to celebrate.

The holidays on a budget

Where to find cheap trees, party clothes, booze and more.

Last-minute getaways

Ditch your family during the holidays by taking an impromptu trip.

Where to spend December 24 and 25 if you don’t celebrate Christmas

Barbecue and blues, drag shows, gambling and more.

How to handle a nosy family

Talking points for common family interrogations.

Hate the holidays? Have a kid.

How one writer’s son helped him rediscover Christmas.