Magna Carta Holy Fail: The worst lyrics from the new Jay-Z album

Jay-Z should not quit his day job: sports management.

That was my thought while chuckling through the ridiculous new album by the mogul, business man, celebrity father and sometimes rapper. Magna Carta Holy Grail is such a jumble of one-percenter clichés and Hova vocal tics, it comes off as a Jay Pharoah parody record. So maybe you shouldn't drop a couple hundred bucks on a new Samsung phone just to hear it early?

To be fair to Jay-Z, not all of these lines are his fault. "Just landed in Europe, nigga. Shopping bags, I'm a tourist, nigga," is Rick Ross. You know, Europe. Just all of it.

However, Mr. Carter is responsible for the references to Miley Cyrus and twentysomething-year-old alternative rock songs. Man, and we thought Kanye West's Yeezus was stupid and arrogant.


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