Pitchfork starting movie website, Pitchfilm.com?

Earlier today, The A.V. Club, the cultural wing of humor outlet The Onion, announced that three longtime writers and editors, Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson and Genevieve Koski, would be leaving. The trio added to a recent small exodus of talent from the fantastic critical voice that included Keith Phipps and Scott Tobias. Former Time Out Chicago film critic A.A. Dowd remains as A.V. Club's new film editor. So, why did the rest leave?

In this blog post, managing editor Kyle Ryan stated that the five were all joining "another Chicago-based media company, for a film-specific project." 

Our immediate thought: Pitchfork, the movie site?

This Whois search shows that on June 11, 2011, Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber registered the domain name Pitchfilm.com. It was updated in February of this year. When asked today whether Pitchfork was launching a film-criticism site called Pitchfilm, Schreiber replied, "No comment."

Someone with knowledge of the situation confirmed our speculation that Pitchfork is starting a film-related venture. This would add to an empire that includes Nothing Major, a fashion and design blog edited by TOC contributor John Dugan, and the annual Pitchfork Music Festival.

Yes, it is possible that Schreiber is snatching domains for good business sense. It is possible that the A.V. Clubbers are going somewhere else in town. But it's also possible that Harry Knowles just lost a ton of sleep, and not because Iron Man 3 is a week away.

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