Pride Parade makeover

19 ways to make the Boystown event even better.

16. Straight folks pay a suggested-donation entrance fee. We suggest the equivalent of a gift that a queer person buys for a straight wedding: $75–$150. All proceeds go to Freedom to Marry.—Novid Parsi

17. Create a Pride website that doesn’t give us flashbacks to the ’90s. Remember GeoCities, the Web hosting service that everyone used in 1998? Chicago’s Pride site rocks a similar low-tech vibe. We know funds are scarce, but we have cheap solutions. Get an LGBT-friendly corporate sponsor to underwrite the cost of an upgrade, launch a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds for a site overhaul or hit up EPIC, a local org that enlists creatives to volunteer their time, to assist with a free revamp.—Jason A. Heidemann

18. Put communal showers on every block. How refreshing! And may we suggest extra-slippery soap?—Laura Baginski

19. Keep the Grand Marshal local. Billy Bean? Chely Wright? We’re glad these folks have come out for the parade, but aside from bragging that we saw George Takei’s elbow while eight people deep on Halsted Street, why not stick with local heroes selected by online voting? Our choices would include:

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