Public Eye: Michael Snediker, 36, Morrissey-esque poet

Everything is bigger in Texas, including this Houston English prof's hair.

Photo: Andrew Nawrocki

Michael Snediker, 36
Ontario Street and Michigan Avenue

What are you up to? I'm an English professor in town for the annual Modern Language Association convention. It's a witch coven! [Laughs] People give talks about stuff that most people don't care about. I just left a great talk on Langston Hughes and improvisation. Langston's poetry was much more musically dextrous than his attempts at improvising. Later, there's one about materialist aesthetics. It's all kind of heady. I'm also here to go to the parties and see my friends.

Where do you teach? The University of Houston. I'm also a poet and a queer theorist. I did a talk on disability theory last night about the study of philology and the recuperation of words as it relates to chronic pain.

Your look is very Morrissey-esque.
I decided to grow the hair when I moved to Houston because everything is bigger in Texas, even my hair. [Laughs] It began as a joke, but I committed to it.

And the outfit? I can't fit into men's trousers. I'm too skinny. So these are women's from the Gap.

Is that a men's handbag? Yes, look—the tag says "men only." When at Heathrow, I get bored and shop too much. That's also why I'm still in debt in terms of grad school loans. This is living beyond my means.

But you're a high-paid English prof! Oh, I don't know which profs you've been talking to, but that's not me. There's no money. I'm actually shopping for a lawyer husband right now. Am I getting too old for a sugar daddy?

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