The Liars Issue

We uncover Chicago's biggest fibbers—and the lies we tell ourselves.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Photograph: Seth Perlman/AP

Rod Blagojevich: greatest liar ever?

How the deposed governor’s lies may have benefited us all.

Lies we tell ourselves

We rely on these classic Chicago fibs to make the city more livable.

Liars’ hall of shame

These local fibbers take the prize for telling the boldest whoppers.

The lies you’re told every day

Locals reveal their most common on-the-job fibs.

Emergency perjury

When other charges fail, lawyers nail criminals for lying.

Businesses that lie—proudly

These companies are forthright about their lying ways.

Northwestern’s deception lab

A new form of lie detection could stop crimes before they happen.

How to be a better liar

Follow these steps to get the fibs flowing.

The upside of lying

Why lying makes you a better person.