The Nooner | Chicago news and beyond | September 12, 2011

Tell us about your sex life. No, really.
Yes, folks, TOC's sex survey is underway and this time it is extra personal. You may be good at sharing, you may not, whatever, here's your chance to tell the world about your sex life. We'd love to know more about your life between the sheets, or in the back of your car or under the corporate conference table. The survey is totally anonymous, so don't worry about your personal tastes and turn-ons getting out there. 

The Waffle House test
The truth is more absurd than your witty ad copy buds could ever imagine. For instance: FEMA, which one might imagine has all kinds of intense technology at its disposal, really uses the Waffle House test to gauge the severity of a hurricane? The logic being that if a Waffle House is closed, things are seriously FUBAR in that locale. So don't worry about where you're going to get your eggs smothered, covered when Hurrican Sheila comes a knocking and the WHs are shuttered, just put the pedal to the metal and get out of there.  

Internet taxes hard to collect in Illinois
Cash-strapped, over-budget and increasingly desperate for new lines of revenue, many states are looking at taxing internet shopping. Illinois passed a law in March taxing sales on sites such as Amazon and Overstock if they have affiliates in the state. Crain's reports that the law has had the effect of driving businesses out of stage and brought in only $10.2 million of an estimated $169 million in taxes. California recently reached a deal with Amazon to collect its taxes there, but the best hope for Illinois may be the national bill U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin is pushing.

Hear it now, buy it later
Streaming your album online before it comes out is all the rage right now. Today, everyone from Pearl Jam (at, Miles Davis (, Ladytron (on Soundcloud and above) and Tori Amos ( is auditioning new albums online for your free streaming pleasure.

Energy news round-up

France is the most nuclear power-dependent country on earth, so when an explosion is reported at a waste disposal there, people take notice. France says no radiation was released. But for those concerned about the looming global energy issue, Thor is their Norse god of choice. That's because Thorium is possibly the answer to all our energy needs–or maybe not.

Social Security not so secure in GOP race
The Republican Tea Party debate tonight will likely focus on the issue of Social Security and what to do about it. The unflappable Mitt Romney has been taking a more moderate (and some would say rational) stand than his rightward candidates who have been known to call one of America's most popular government program's "a Ponzi scheme." Watch tonight, if you date.

If we ever get out of here
Russian's middle class wants to blow the pop stand. Cleptocracy isn't much fun when you've got aspirations of wealth.

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