This week's cover story | Brendan Sodikoff

Brendan Sodikoff at Au Cheval

Brendan Sodikoff at Au Cheval Photograph: Chris Strong

Here's what's coming up in this week's Time Out Chicago, on newsstands tomorrow:

  • His restaurants (Gilt Bar, Maude's, Doughnut Vault, Au Cheval, Bavette's) are among the most popular in Chicago. And his upcoming spots (a ramen joint, deli, barbecue and more) will surely be just as crowded. Brendan Sodikoff is on a roll, but as Food & Drink editor David Tamarkin reports, there are plenty of people (namely, some fellow restaurateurs) who don't share the enthusiasm most of us have for his restaurants

  • Thanks to the War on Drugs and, yes, even Michael Dukakis, the prison population is at an all-time high, as are prisoners serving a life sentence. But what happens when these lifer prisoners get old and sickly? The answer: You pay for their medical bills. Writer Ted McClelland investigates the problem and possible solutions

  • You know what sounds good right now? Being in Aruba. Our EIC, Frank Sennett, was recently there and happened to get totally zenned out after falling off a paddleboard a bunch of times.

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