Top 5 things I've learned about being a lion cub

For the last 24 hours or so I have been unable to spend any amount of time at my computer without having a window displaying this live webcam of four Norweigan lion cubs. (WARNING: Viewing this link may cause extreme paralysis brought on by excessive cuteness).

It's true, they spend most of their time sleeping, but once you've see a baby lion yawn, you can never go back. I take solace in the fact that while I may have wasted much time and bandwidth on slumbering kitties, I have taken away the following pearls of wisdom from my new feline friends:

  1. Mom doesn't like it when you try to climb on her head.

  2. Being adorable is very exhausting.

  3. You're never so clean that a few more licks won't do the trick.

  4. When lion cubs dream, they dream of running.

  5. There are never enough nipples.

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