Transformers 4 could film in Chicago this summer

Will Transformers 4 film in Chicago this summer? The presence of industry people here in town indicates at least an interest, and Ruth L. Ratny is reporting at that Transformers 4 will hit town this summer to film. 

Rich Moskal, director of the Chicago Film Office, is a bit cagier about the situation. “They tend to shoot in multiple locations around the world, and Chicago is one of many cities they’re looking at,” Moskal says. In these early days, he speculates that if Transformers 4 were to come, shooting could take place in late summer, around August.

Though exciting news for fans and worrisome news for people who use roads, it could all come to nothing. Scouting signals only “preliminary brainstorming in terms of how Chicago, if at all, fits into their overall plans for making the movie,” Moskal says. “They’re familiar enough with Chicago to have some ideas, perhaps, in mind but they haven’t made any determinations as of yet.” One additional fly in the ointment might keep fans from celebrating: the fact that the Decepticons—the Transformers’ nemeses—pretty much destroyed our fair city the last time they stopped by. Rapid building reconstruction in Chicago? We don’t buy it. 

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