Uber offers Christmas tree delivery on December 5

Uber offers Christmas tree delivery to Chicagoans on December 5.

Uber, in partnership with Home Depot, will deliver you a tree on December 5, 2013.

Uber, in partnership with Home Depot, will deliver you a tree on December 5, 2013.

"It's coming on Christmas / They're cutting down trees," Joni Mitchell songs on "River" (the saddest holiday song of all time). If you want to live the lyrics and chop down your own tree, we've rounded up the best places. But if you're not that ambitious or don't attach a lot of sentiment to picking out the perfect conifer, Uber, in partnership with Home Depot, is offering an alternative. Call it a sign that American society has reached max levels of laziness or call it a Christmas miracle, but you can get a real live tree delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button.

Tomorrow, December 5, between 11am and 8pm, Chicagoans can use the Uber app on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry—select the "UberTree" option—to order a Christmas tree. (New riders can use the sign-up code "UberTREE' to get them $20 off their first ride.) Provided your attempt is successful—availability is limited; demand will likely be high—you’ll have a netted Frasier fir, a tree stand and an Uber gift delivered to your front door within minutes. This will cost you $135, and you're still gonna have to haul it up any stairs. But it's a bit more legit than our usual holiday decorating, which is limited to burning an evergreen-scented candle and calling it a "tree-lighting ceremony."

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