Underground Chicago hot spots

Get a peek at top-secret, word-of-mouth parties, exhibitions and performances.

The people behind the parties

Underground promoters divulge why their events are worth the risk.

Warehouse music venue: Mortville

Little Village warehouse books Pitchfork-approved bands.

Confessions of a renegade gallerist

TOC's Madeline Nusser recalls the sacrifices of running an unlicensed art space.

High Concept Laboratories

The combination of fine art and good manners at this under-the-radar art incubator is positively Utopian.

Speaking speakeasy

An interview with John Russick, the Chicago History Museum's Prohibition expert.

Underground supper clubs

Are these underground dinners really underground?

Hornswaggler Arts

An enterprising duo trades cocktails for fine art.

LGBT underground: Queerer Park dance parties

The roving monthly fetes bring all corners of the community together sans pretense.

Legendary underground spots

Now mostly defunct, these party venues left a mark on the city.

Start your own underground space

Tips for starting a gallery and keeping it afloat.

Chicago speakeasies

Chicago's golden era of underground lives on in the city's historic bars.