Wake Up! Waltz brings dance to Chicago rooftops

Wake Up! Waltz heightens the entertainment value of your morning commute.

Wake Up! Waltz heightens the entertainment value of your morning commute.

On your commute to work this week, put down your phone for a sec (Words with Friends can wait) to witness flashes of orange and fushcia on a nearby roof—a troupe of vibrantly dressed dancers twirling in the sunshine. No, you haven't landed in a Michel Gondry film; you're seeing Wake Up! Waltz, a performance spectacle where 20-some dancers present variations on the waltz on rooftops visible from th el—from the living "green" roof of the Haas Park Field House to the top of an aromatherapy shop in South Shore. Conceived of and directed by artist Josie Davis, the series is designed to add a dose of the unexpected to the morning commute (a different kind of unexpected then, say, sitting on someone's half-eaten Big Mac or running into your ex on the Red Line).

"I think it's rare that people that people are aware of their environment," Davis says. "And it's work like this that gets people to break out of the routines that we live in and see the world in new ways."

The series started May 13 and continues through June 13, four days per week (Monday–Thursday) beginning at 9am. A schedule is posted on the Wake Up! Waltz site

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