Walking tours off the el

The El is your sherpa to seven scenic strolls, from mansion snooping in the Gold Coast to occult-store shopping in Bridgeport.

Brown Line: Francisco

There's more to the peaceful Ravenswood Manor 'hood than Blago sightings.

Red Line: Clark/Division

French flavor, '60s chic and decadent mansions dot this luxe corner of the city.

Blue Line: Harlem

Dig the graves and the grub in the charming western 'burb of Forest Park.

Orange Line: Halsted

Get arty, eat hearty, in Da Mare's Bridgeport stomping grounds.

Purple Line: Linden

Discover hidden gardens and the best damn cuppa in the metro area at the Linden terminus.

Pink Line: Pulaski

Taco carts, sugary treats and rock en español make Little Village feel like a slice of Mexico.

Green Line: 35th-Bronzeville-IIT

Stroll the South Side nabe that incubated modern architecture, soul music and the civil-rights movement.

Yellow Line

The Skokie Swift quickly deposits you into a no-man's land.