What's wrong with Hyde Park?

Equal parts brains and beauty-so why is it a retail and entertainment wasteland?

Wish you were here

What's keeping in-demand businesses from setting up shop in Hyde Park? We get on the horn with some local and national chains to ...

We heart Hyde Park

It's not all gloom and doom in this South Side 'hood. Here are some of the spots that keep the locals in love with Hyde Park.

The old college try

It took two decades and a little geographic luck for Evanston to transform its downtown. Could it work for Hyde Park?

Hyde Park's big test

Its residents, one of whom runs the free world, are among the smartest in the country. It sits on prime lakeside real estate and ...

Go figure

How does Hyde Park stack up against Evanston?

How far from Hyde Park

The distance from the nabe to basic essentials of city life.