Who is behind the #SOYEAHDUH blog?

Kelli Zink

Kelli Zink Photograph: Erica Gannett

Forget about NATO. This week, everyone seems to be talking about #SOYEAHDUH. The Tumblr account features pop culture .gif reactions to life and incidents in Chicago. Think of it as "Shit Chicagoans Say," but funnier. The big question, though, is who created this thing. It's a bit of a mystery at the moment. Earlier this week, I announced on Twitter that I was 99.9% sure who was behind it, and #SOYEAHDUH responded with this. But I think I've narrowed it down to a few suspects. Let's take a look at the evidence, and then you decide by voting in our poll.

Suspect #1: Monica Dimperio
She's the creator of the popular style blog The MidWasteland. And Monica definitely has a snarky sense of humor, as we see in this recent post, titled "Just a few #RUDE thoughts on the 2012 Met Ball."

Suspect #2: Lisa Frame
She created Mugshot Monday and is known for her quirky tweets. Her name has come up a lot when I talk to people about this blog. But I also know she's been traveling a lot for work, it seems like she'd be too busy to be making all those .gifs.

Suspect #3: Kelli Zink
The general consensus is that the creator of #SOYEAHDUH is a woman. I've gotten to know Zink (pictured above) over the past year, and this Celeb TV host has a fun sense of humor. And she's been tweeting a few links to the Tumblr...maybe as a way to secretly spread the word?

Suspect #4: Ryan Beshel
If it's not a lady, it could be this guy. By day, he's the PR dude for the 900 Shops. And at night, he's a man-about-town (I see him at every event), so he definitely knows all the people and places featured on #SOYEAHDUH.

Suspect #5: Dan Sinker
Because, really, at this point, we can't rule out the mastermind behind last year's epic Mayor Emanuel twitter account. And look! There's a .gif on his blog!


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