Chicago on TV: 'Defiance' makes a trip to the futuristic New Chicago

The future of Chicago looks chilly in the 'Defiance' season premiere

SyFy's <em>Defiance</em> visits New Chicago

SyFy's Defiance visits New Chicago

For those not familiar with the post-apocalyptic Earth of SyFy's Defiance, the name comes from the city that has built atop the ruins of St. Louis. After a war with a series of alien races concluded with the inadvertant release of terraforming technologies, the landscape of the planet was drastically altered. In tonight's season two premiere, we catch a glimpse of what the futuristic version of Chicago looks like when Joshua Nolan (Grant Bowler) heads up the Mississippi river to search for his missing adopted daughter, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). His visit is short-lived and takes place predominantly in what looks like an old sewer tunnel stolen from the set of Angel, but we do get to view the nice establishing shot above. Boy, do things looks chilly. Perhaps some of the Defiance creative team trekked here this winter and, like us, thought it would be never-ending.

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