Davlantes feels ‘very blessed’ on the mommy beat

Fox Chicago news anchor Anna Davlantes won’t be back on Good Day Chicago until February. But just because she’s on maternity leave after the birth of her first child doesn’t mean she’s out of the public eye.

In addition to posting photos and brief messages on Facebook and Twitter, Davlantes shared her joy in the Christmas 2011 newsletter of Chicago’s Greek Media Club, of which she is a co-founder.

“She was anxious to come into this world,” the new mother said of Gabriella Britton Davlantes Gamperl, born November 26 to Davlantes and husband David Gamperl. “We feel very blessed. She’s healthy and happy as can be, and she’s been gaining a lot of weight, a half pound in less than two weeks since she was born.”

Reporting that the baby has “thick Greek black hair” and “never sleeps for more than four hours,” Davlantes told the club that she has little time for anything else. “Due to my job, I’m usually one of the most informed people around, but I can’t really tell you much of anything happening right now,“ she said, adding: “Right now it’s all about her.”

“It felt like, for the first 10 hours of her life, I kept staring at her and might have scarcely taken my eyes off of her,” Davlantes said. “I now empathize entirely with the notion that life truly is a miracle. The whole process was wonderful. David and I used an app to determine contractions. It got to the point where the app told us the contractions were too close together and we should be at the hospital right then. Funny but we were already on the way when we got that notice. When we got there, they took us out of triage and directly into the delivery room.”

The couple plans a baptism for Gabriella sometime after the holidays.

Asked whether her daughter might have a future in the television business, Davlantes said: “With me being a journalist, and David — as a businessman — quite the conversationalist, there’s always that chance.”

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