Fall TV premieres

With family sitcoms, supernatural dramas and the return of some classic TV stars, this year's fall TV premieres are full of delights and duds.

Fall TV Premieres: Masters of Sex airs Sunday nights on Showtime

Fall TV Premieres: Masters of Sex airs Sunday nights on Showtime

This fall, a host of new shows are coming to your television. Marvel brings its superhero film franchise to the small screen with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eighties stars Robin Williams and Michael J. Fox return to TV with a pair of new sitcoms. Ichabod Crane gets transported to modern times in Sleepy Hollow. And the CW tries their hand at historical drama with Reign, a series based on Mary Queen of Scots' teenage years, while Showtime gets steamy with a biographical series about the sex studies of Masters and Johnson.

There's plenty to love and hate and we're here to help you plan your perfect night in with reviews of every new fall TV premiere.

Mob City: TV review

TNT's new drama is heavy on the noir style but light on substance.

Almost Human: TV review

Great performances elevate Fox's sci-fi cop drama to solid popcorn entertainment.

Dracula: TV review

A new interpretation of Bram Stoker's famous vampire proves that immortality can be dull as tombs.

Reign: TV review

The CW's drama about Mary, Queen of Scots plays loose with the facts but has a lot of fun with what's left.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: TV review

This fairy tale spin-off is all spectacle and no substance.

The Tomorrow People: TV review

These teen superheroes have many powers, but charisma isn't one of them.

The Millers: TV review

Despite an ebarrasment of talent in front and behind the camera, this new family comedy fails to impress.

Welcome to the Family: TV review

In this comedy, the merging of cultures apparently involves a lot of yelling.

Sean Saves the World: TV review

Sean Hayes stars as a gay man learning to be a single father in NBC's disappointing new sitcom.

The Originals: TV review

This Vampire Diaries spin-off is no fun for the uninitiated.

Super Fun Night: TV review

In her new sitcom, Rebel Wilson trades in her edge for dull jokes about Spanx.

Ironside: TV review

A wheelchair-bound police officer full of vengeance can't spice up this rote cop drama.

We Are Men: TV review

This comedy about arrested masculinity forgets to be funny.

Masters of Sex: TV review

Showtime's historical drama about the sex studies of Masters and Johnson is the fall's best new show.

Betrayal: TV review

There's nothing sexy or thrilling in this tale of infidelity and murder.

The Michael J. Fox Show: TV review

The beloved actor returns to television in a comedy that struggles to deserve him.

The Crazy Ones: TV review

In CBS's The Crazy Ones, actors spend a lot more time laughing than the audience.

Back in the Game: TV review

Mixing sports and family drama, Back in the Game is a charming attempt at comedy.

Lucky 7: TV review

ABC's new drama series proves that winning the lottery can be a very dull affair.

Trophy Wife: TV review

ABC's new comedy showcases a new kind of modern family.

The Goldbergs: TV review

This new retro family sitcom needs to take a chill pill.

The Blacklist: TV review

James Spader chews scenery deliciously in NBC's new drama series The Blacklist.

Hostages: TV review

CBS's Hostages fails to weave suspense from a plot filled with awkward contrivance.

Mom: TV review

Anna Faris's new sitcom isn't afraid to tread into dark territory in search of laughs.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: TV review

Andy Samberg's new sitcom finds laughs in a New York police precinct.

Dads: TV review

Producer Seth MacFarlane delivers an offensively unfunny live-action comedy series.

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Sleepy Hollow: TV review

This modern adaptation of Washington Irving's tale is surprisingly fun.

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