Winter TV premieres

With some new gems and plenty of old favorites, there are plenty of winter TV premieres to keep you busy while you're hiding from the cold.

True Detective airs Sunday nights at 8pm on HBO.

True Detective airs Sunday nights at 8pm on HBO.

It's frigid out there, and while there may be plenty of things to do this winter away from the warmth of your living room, sometimes you just want to stay home and cozy up on the couch. Thankfully, there's plenty of great drama and hilarious comedy on TV to keep you entertained this season. From returning shows like Community, Justified and Girls, to new gems like True Detective and Enlisted, there's plenty to be excited about.

So grab your comfy blanket and your remote control because we're keeping an eye on which shows are worth your time this winter. Of course, you can still catch up with all that fall TV on your DVR, too.

Friends With Better Lives: TV review

  • Rated as: 2/5

There's nothing fresh about CBS's new hangout comedy

Surviving Jack: TV review

  • Rated as: 3/5

A hilarious performance by Christopher Meloni pushes this nostalgia comedy above the competition

The 100: TV review

The CW's new series is an impressive mix of teen melodrama and thought-provoking sci-fi

Doll & Em: TV review

HBO's latest British import takes a little too long to find itself

Crisis: TV review

NBC's new thriller is nothing more than a middling 24 clone

Believe: TV review

Newly crowned Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuarón turns to television with a new sci-fi thriller

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: TV review

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson helms a follow-up to Carl Sagan's award-winning documentary series

Resurrection: TV review

ABC presents a maudlin supernatural drama about returning from the dead

Sirens: TV review

This Chicago-set comedy about EMTs likes its humor below the belt

Review: TV review

In critiquing life experiences, Comedy Central's new sitcom tries to find humor in suffering

Saint George: TV review

George Lopez plays yet another character who borrows his name in this stale sitcom

Those Who Kill: TV review

A&E's new crime procedural gives in to the genre's darker side

Hannibal, Season 2: TV review

NBC's gorgeously grotesque series following fiction's most famous serial killer continues to be delectable

The Red Road: TV review

Sundance's moody new drama evokes indie films in all the wrong ways

Mixology: TV review

Why go out and experience the vapid bar pick-up scene when this dreadful sitcom will fictionalize it for you?

The Americans, Season 2: TV review

FX's Russian spy drama sets up for a strong second season

Legit, Season 2: TV review

Aussie comic Jim Jefferies returns for another season of black humor that's equal parts filthy and poignant

Mind Games: TV review

While it can feel a little manipulative, this procedural has its charms

Growing Up Fisher: TV review

While it's based on a personal story, there's a lack of connection in this family comedy

About a Boy: TV review

This cold adaptation lacks the trademark heart of its creator

Star-Crossed: TV review

A dull cast keeps the sparks from flying in the CW's latest supernatural romance

Rake: TV Review

Fox takes a crack at an antihero-driven drama, but the legal procedural Rake feels like a watered-down cable show.

Broad City: TV review

The Amy Poehler–produced Broad City brings a unique brand of humor to Comedy Central.

Looking: TV review

HBO's new comedy about a group of gay friends living in San Francisco is both charming and funny.

Suburgatory, Season 3: TV review

The quirky comedy returns with a slight refresh but the same sassy sense of humor.

Chozen: TV review

FX's new animated series about a gay, white rapper takes a lot of risks that don't pay off.

Archer, Season 5: TV review

The ISIS team goes rogue in the animated spy comedy's new season.

Bitten: TV review

SyFy's new werewolf drama is all angst, no fun.

House of Lies, Season 3: TV review

Despite some changes, House of Lies still fails to live up to its potential.

Shameless, Season 4: TV Review

The Gallagher clan is back with a whole new crop of problems in the fourth season of Shameless.

Girls, Season 3: TV review

In its third season, Lena Dunham's Girls offers new opportunities for awkward hilarity.

True Detective TV review

HBO's new crime series is a fabulous showcase for Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Enlisted: TV review

Fox's new comedy, set on a military base, will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.

Helix: TV Review

SyFy's paranoia-fueled outbreak thriller fails to hold our interest.

Chicago PD: TV Review

This Chicago Fire spin-off brings a hard-boiled police drama to the streets of our city.

Justified, Season 5: TV review

In its fifth season, Justified leverages its strong stable of characters to launch a new set of stories.

Cougar Town, Season 5: TV review

The show is humming along business as usual—and that's not a bad thing.

Killer Women: TV review

ABC's new show about a female Texas Ranger is doing nothing to add to this well-worn genre.

Intelligence: TV review

This spy drama would be more enjoyable if it were less of a copycat.

The Assets: TV review

ABC's new Cold War–era espionage mini-series proves spying can be quite a dull affair.

Community, Season Five: TV review

Dan Harmon returns to breathe life back into the show.