Hawk talk

Photograph: Mike Novak

Nancy Feehan, Lakeview

How long have you been a fan?
Since I was five years old and I fell in love with Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull and Keith Magnuson.

Did your dad force it on you?
He didn’t force it on us, but my parents had season tickets. My brother and I were raised in the “Old Barn.”

Have you been suffering with the team in recent years?
I would say suffering a little bit from afar, because I really didn’t go to that many games for a while.

What turned you off?
Uh, the owner. [But] I love Rocky Wirtz’s changes.

Where do we usually find you for the pre-game festivities?
At the Westend [with a] vodka tonic.

If you could have a night with Patrick Sharp, Bobby Hull or anyone from the Ice Crew, who would you choose?
Patrick Sharp. He’s my boyfriend, but he just doesn’t know it. He was actually hurt on Valentine’s Day, and I was at the game. I was like [shrieks], “You took out my boy.”

Did you go down to the locker room and console him?
No, I stayed up in the 300 level and drank. Cause that’s what true Blackhawks fans do.

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