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The best Athens restaurants

Gastronomy ranks highly on the priority list of any visitor to Athens – and with places like these on the scene, it’s no wonder

A beisl bistro with a twist: Skopik & Lohn © Stefan Joham

Where to eat in Athens

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Greek coffee, meze, souvlaki, stifado, baklava – all these need to be sampled on any visit to Athens. Restaurants and cafés across the city sell all these and more, and the sheer range of options means that choosing the right place is critical.

So let’s cut to the chase – this being the English translation of Mpes sto Psito, which offers the best balance of value and flavour of just about any souvlaki joint in Athens. The only drawback is that the setup is a bit on the takeaway side. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit down for a leisurely meal check out Santorinio’s (no website), which is much more akin to a traditional Greek taverna, serving up all the classics and coffee to perfection in cosy surrounds.

If you’re in the market for something a bit edgier, you’ll no doubt be spending a lot of time in the Exarthia district. While you’re there, drop into Zachari & Alati for a bite to eat: it wonderfully mixes the electric energy of the area with homely Greek cuisine, and could easily be your first and last stop of the night. If this all sounds a little too homely and you fancy going up-market (while also trying the Greeks’ famed take on seafood), then a visit to Varoulko Seaside is essential. This Michelin-starred restaurant is widely recognised as Athens’s best spot for fish at the high end of the scale.


Venue details

Mpes sto Psito Peiraios 209, Tavros. +30 210 345 3400.

Santorinio’s Dorieon 8, Petralona. + 30 210 345 1629.
Zachari & Alati Valtetsiou 47, Exarthia. +30 210 380 1253.

Varoulko Seaside Pireos 80, Kerameikou. +30 210 522 8400.


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