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The best Prague restaurants and cafés

Discover Prague’s hidden gastronomic gems, as recommended by Time Out’s local experts

George Prime Steak, Prague

Prague restaurants: Have a cow at George Prime Steak © Miguel Alonso

Where to eat in Prague

Luka Lu, Mala Strana, Prague. Handout.

Get a taste of the Balkans at Luka Lu

For a taste of what’s tempting local palates in Prague restaurants these days, order a phenomenal tenderloin at George Prime Steak within the clubby environs of the Emblem hotel in Old Town.

For a dive into the restored pre-war luxuriousness of café society, head to Café Savoy for a classic brunch. It trumps the touristy Café Slavia by a mile, whatever the latter’s literary credentials.

The old-school Café Louvre across the way, complete with clack of billiards in the back – is still a mainstay for modern-day Prague intelligentsia, just as in Kafka’s day, with all the precious cakes and espresso that implies.

The Kavárna Adria, meanwhile, offers the finest terrace hideout downtown from its rondo-cubist perch. Universal is a nearby dining room done up as a string of antique train cars that still rules the back streets behind the National Theatre with French-style classics.

Meanwhile, Lokal in Old Town has restored the vintage Czech beer hall menu (plus new high-tech tanks that deliver supreme levels of pivo purity). Luka Lu’s luscious Balkan menu has a loyal following as the new favourite among Prague restaurants back across the Vltava in Malá Strana.


Restaurants and cafés venue details

George Prime Steak Platnéřská 19 +420 226 202 599.
Café Savoy Vítězná 5. +420 257 311 562.
Café Slavia Národní 2, +420 224 218 493.
Café Louvre Národní 22, +420 224 930 949.
Kavárna Adria Národní 36, +420 224 948 039.
Universal V Jirchářích 6, +420 224 934 416.
Lokal Dlouhá 33, +420 222 316 265.
Luka Lu Újezd 33, +420 257 212 388.


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