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Restaurants and cafés in Asunción

Pining for paella? Hankering after an empanada? Allow us to guide you through the capital’s cuisine

Sit down with a paperback and a cup of java at the Cafe Literario © India Dowley

Where to eat in Asunción

Grab an empanada on the go at Mingo © India Dowley

Local food (meat, maize, manioc) still takes centre stage in Paraguay. The best place to sample traditional Paraguayan cuisine is Lido Bar, a downtown diner which serves up milanesa and sopa paraguaya just how mamá would’ve made it. Mingo is also a great place to grab an empanada if you’re on the go, after which you can pop into nearby Café Literario, a coffee-cum-bookshop with books piled floor to ceiling.

If you’re after international fare, you won’t be left wanting. Head to Paulista Grill for an all-you-can-eat meat feast, where succulent skewers and endless side dishes are brought straight to your table. Confiteria Bolsi is heralded by many as the best restaurant in Asunción, serving pizza, pasta and a fantastic selection of fresh salads (hard to come by in carb-lovin’ Paraguay). Bar San Roque is the city’s oldest restaurant and something of a local landmark; it boasts excellent meat and fish, great service and an impressive wine list.

El Mercadito recently opened in the upmarket Villa Morra neighbourhood and has quickly become one of the hottest eateries in Asunción. Choose from the grill or imaginative dishes such as sweetbreads, catfish and ceviche. The nearby Hacienda Las Palomas is a flamboyant Mexican affair, with generous portions and excellent margaritas; Taberna Espanola is a quirky little restaurant serving reasonably priced tapas and paella; and Sushi Club serves up succulent (if pricey) sushi.


Venue details

Lido Bar Chile y Palma.
Café Literario Mcal. Estigarribia 456, Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción.
Paulista Grill Guido Spano y Avda. General José de San Martín, +595 (0) 21 608624.
Confiteria Bolsi Alberdi, +595 (0) 21 491841.
Bar San Roque Eligio Ayala y Tacuari, +595 (0) 21 446015.
El Mercadito Cruz Del Defensor Esq. Alberto Souza, +595 (0) 21 621355.
Hacienda Las Palomas Guido Spano 1481 y Senador Long, +595 (0) 21 605111.
Taberna Española Ayolas 631 y General Díaz, +595 (0) 21 441 743.


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