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The best Vienna restaurants

From rustic beisl bistros on street corners to funky fusion fare in Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s food scene will sate any appetite

A beisl bistro with a twist: Skopik & Lohn © Stefan Joham

Where to eat in Vienna

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

The true star among Vienna restaurants is the beisl, a scruffier version of the Parisian bistro. Serving the classics of Viennese cuisine such as schnitzel, gulasch and roast pork and dumplings (to be washed down with beer and schnapps), an authentic beisl, such as the formica-topped Reinthaler, is cheap – but closed at weekends. Cool, revamped versions of the beisl include Gasthaus Wild and Skopik & Lohn, both offering longer opening hours, gorgeous retro interiors and twists on the classic dishes. A limited selection of beisl fare, along with Vienna’s legendary strudels and tortes, is also available at the city’s famous coffee houses: try the grand Café Sperl or the arty, centrally located Café Korb.

In late spring and summer, visitors can head for the vineyards of Vienna’s lush periphery to eat and drink at one of the many idyllic heurige, or wine taverns. For the food, wine and views, it’s worth the trek to Zawodsky and Sirbu.

There’s more to Vienna restaurants than just pork and dumplings. Simon Xie Hong’s China Bar serves brilliant, reasonably priced spicy combinations of Spanish and Chinese ingredients, as does ON Market, his latest flamboyantly decorated joint beside Vienna’s open-air Naschmarkt. More fine fusion food can be had at two neighbouring establishments on Praterstrasse in Leopoldstadt: Georgian/Levantine at the beautiful Café Ansari and Californian-style Japanese at Mochi, which serves up the very best sushi in town. Both offer plenty of vegetarian options.

For a quick restorative snack after footslogging around the sights of the first district, try a käserkrainer (a cheese-filled sausage) at any of the centre’s sausage stands (würstelstände) or the exquisite canapés and white wine at the swish Zum Schwarzen Kameel, one of Vienna’s oldest restaurants.



Venue details

Reinthaler Gluckgasse 5. +43 1 512 33 66
Gasthaus Wild Radetzkyplatz 1. +43 1 920 94 77
Skopik & Lohn Leopoldsgasse 17. +43 1 219 89 77
Café Sperl Gumpendorfer Strasse 11. +43 1 586 41 58
Café Korb Brandstätte 9. +43 1 533 72 15
Weinbau Zawodsky Reinischgasse 3. +43 1 320 79 782
Heuriger Sirbu Kahlenberger Strasse 210. +43 1 320 59 28
China Bar Burggasse 76. +43 1 522 08 31
ON Market Linke Wienzeile 36. +43 1 581 12 50
Café Ansari Praterstrasse 15 +43 1 276 51 02
Mochi Praterstrasse 15. +43 1 925 13 80
Zum Schwarzen Kameel Bognergasse 5. +43 1 533 81 25 11


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