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Things to do in Marrakech • Souks, shops and spas

Your insider’s guide to the best things to do in Marrakech – shopping and pampering in one of North Africa’s best cities for tourists

33 Rue Majorelle, Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech: Shopping at 33 Rue Majorelle

Where to shop in Marrakech

Souk El Khemis, Marrakech

Souk El Khemis

Marrakech is paradise for the shopping addict. Leather bags, rubber jewellery, carpets, kaftans and crafts are beautifully laid out in the souks and boutique shops to tempt you to reach for your stash of dirhams. It’s the ultimate place for blowing the budget.

Marrakech’s best shops are found across the Medina and in the Ville Nouvelle, as well as in the tight knot of souks that wind through the Medina. Try the less congested Bab Es Salam market in the Jewish quarter for soaps and spices, and Rahal Herbes in the spice market for magic know-how.

Mustapha Blaoui’s labyrinthine shop overwhelms with its choice for just about everything you think you need. Smart and chic prix fixe Souk Cherifia offers beautiful tailor-made creations, while concept store 33 Rue Majorelle displays artistic and creative must-haves in light, bright surrounds.


Shopping details

Rahal Herbes 43-47 Rahba Kedima, Medina. +212 524 39 03 61.
Mustapha Blaoui 142-144 rue Bab Doukkala. +212 524 38 52.
Souk Cherifia Sidi Abdelaziz, Medina.
33 Rue Majorelle 33 rue Yves Saint Laurent. +212 524 31 41 95.


Spas and relaxation

Spa, Marrakech

After the splurge in the souks and Marrakech boutiques, the hammams and spas of the Red City beckon. Submitting to a hammam in Marrakech’s best spas is de rigueur in the Red City.

For luxury pampering, head for the subterranean spa at La Mamounia or the hushed surrounds of the sublime sanctuary at the Selman. The hammams and massages at Les Bains de Marrakech and Hammam de la Rose will ensure the Medina madness is kneaded out of your shop-weary limbs.


Spa details

La Mamounia Avenue Bab Jedid. +212 524 38 86 00.
Selman Route d’Amziz, km5, +212 524 38 67 18.
Les Bains de Marrakech 2 derb Sedra, Bab Agnaou, Kasbah. +212 524 38 14 28.
Hammam de la Rose 130 rue Dar El-Bacha. +212 524 44 47 69.


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