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Things to do in Tel Aviv • Bars and nightlife

Keep your ears peeled and polish your dancing shoes – there’s a party happening around almost every corner in Tel Aviv 

Clara, Tel Aviv, Israel

Things to do in Tel Aviv: Beach hedonists flock to the super-trendy Clara © Dan Friedman

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

The Block, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bust a move at The Block

Tel Aviv is renowned for having some of the greatest nightlife on the planet. Whether you’re looking to dance on the beach, escape the sweltering heat at a rooftop bar or party the night away at some of the world’s trendiest clubs, there’s something for you.

Israelis tend to go out very late, with nights typically starting at 10 or 11. During the summer months, they also love going to daytime roof parties. The location of these parties is disclosed through word of mouth or on Facebook, but if you’re taking a stroll and can hear booming bass above you, you’re likely near one. Just follow your ears and the other party-goers to find the entrance, where you typically pay a cover charge of around NIS 20.

Quite a few Israelis like to start the night by heading to a neighbourhood bar, while others also make a habit of gathering round their cars to drink copious amounts of vodka and Red Bull. This practice is so popular that should you take an early morning walk over the weekend, you’ll notice quite a few people sleeping it off in their cars.

Assuming you prefer not to drink until you pass out in your rental, you could do worse than head to the famous Minzar (no website). This Tel Aviv institution is one of the only places in Israel where you can find the sort of afternoon, after-work drinking culture so popular in Europe. To fit in, make like a local and order a half litre of Goldstar alongside a chaser (shot) or an arak and grapefruit drink. Israelis tend to follow the crowds and head to the trendiest places – and nowhere is trendier than the beach bars.

Clara (no website) is a great place to catch a chilled-out sunset or take in a wild night of partying to electro and house music. Another popular spot is the Marina Bar (no website), a fashionable rooftop famous for its tempting swimming pool. And though wild parties in Tel Aviv aren’t hard to come by, it’s well worth heading down to Nanuchka (no website) on a Sunday night to check out one of the city’s most unique scenes; a frenzied fusion of gypsy, Middle Eastern and Baltic beats sees the crowd partake in an energetic evening that always involves some wild dancing on the bar (Israelis, including men, tend to like dancing on the bar – get used to it).

Underground bars are also a big thing, with places like the trendy Radio EPGB (no website) being one of the best spots for late-night parties. Huge club The Block (no website) frequently hosts international acts along the lines of the legendary Mr Scruff and German electro pioneers Modeselektor.


Nightlife venue details

Minzar 60 Allenby Street. +972 3 517 30 15.
Clara Koifman 1, Dolphinarium. +972 3 510 20 60.
Marina Bar Marina Hotel, fifth Floor, 167 Hayarkon Street. +972 3 521 17 77.
Nanuchka 30 Lilenblum Street. +972 3 516 22 54.
Radio EPGB 7 Shadal Street. +972 3 560 36 36.
The Block 157 Salame Street. +972 3 537 80 02.



Salon, Tel Aviv

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