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Things to do in Tel Aviv • Restaurants and cafés

From real home-cooked food to global cuisine, fill your boots in Tel Aviv’s best restaurants and cafés

North Abraxas, Tel Aviv, Israel

Things to do in Tel Aviv: Traditional fare with an unexpected twist at North Abraxas

Where to eat in Tel Aviv

The Salon, Tel Aviv, Israel

Chow down at celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s The Salon

If you’re looking for authentic local cuisine, consider a meal with an Israeli family. Through excellent websites like the (Israeli-born) and, you can join Israelis in their own homes. A Shabbat meal with an Israeli family, for example, is a not-to-be missed opportunity.

For dining-out options, Tel Aviv has upped the ante on Mediterranean cuisine in recent years. Be sure to check out celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s innovative, rustic and unexpected concoctions at The Salon (no website), North Abraxas (no website), HaMiznon (no website) or Port Said (no website). Fellow culinary star Meir Adoni’s ingenious haute dining can be found at Catit and Mizlala, while Yonatan Roshfeld’s contemporary Mediterranean can be savored at Herbert Samuel, Yavne Montefiore (no website) and the Alma Hotel.

Don’t forget the amazing array of freshly caught and gloriously prepared seafood Tel Aviv has to offer. Eat on the beach at Manta Ray, which serves fantastic fish dishes like grouper gnocchi, croaker kebab and sautéed shrimp. Benny The Fisherman (no website) is renowned for its romantic harbour-side views and impressive portions or try Kyoto Salsa (no website) for an intriguing Latin-Japanese fusion.


Restaurant and café details

The Salon 8 Ma’Avar, HaYavok Street. +972 52 703 58 88.
North Abraxas 40 Lilienblum Street. +972 3 516 66 60.
HaMiznon 23 Ibn Gabirol Street. +972 3 718 89 77.
Port Said 2 Hare Sinai Street.
Catit 57 Nahlat Binyamin Street.  +972 3 510 70 01. 
Mizlala 57 Nahalat Binyamin Street. +972 3 566 55 05. 
Herbert Samuel 6 Koifman Street. +972 3 516 65 16. 
Yavne 36 Montefiore Street. +972 3 566 61 89.
Alma Hotel 23 Yavne Street. +972 3 630 87 77. 
Manta Ray Kaufmann Street, Manshiye. +972 3 517 47 73. 
Benny The Fisherman Northern Tel Aviv Old Port. +972 3 544 07 64.
Kyoto Salsa 31 Montefiore Street. +972 3 566 12 34.



Salon, Tel Aviv

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