Bars and pubs Split
Excellent funky little bar, this – if you can find it. Rodrigina is the narrow street in the north-west corner of the palace. Either cut through the faux-Roman Divus bar on busy Bosanska, whose back door leads to Rodrigina, or turn left at the end of Majstora Jurja. Boutique and arty, with unusual pictures of fish on the walls, Ave attracts a varied but interesting crowd and offers a different take on the get-trashed-quick approach of most bars in the immediate vicinity. You can spy on courtyard bar action in the Majstora Jurja bar hub from the dinky back room.


Venue name: Ave
Address: Rodrigina 4

Opening hours: 8am-midnight Mon-Thur, Sun; 8am-2am Fri, Sat
Transport: All buses to Riva
Static map showing venue location