Light Up Oaklawn! March For A Safer Gayborhood!

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Light Up Oaklawn! March For A Safer Gayborhood!
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The event creator says
A recent string of violent and, in some cases, hate motivated attacks in Oaklawn has propelled the Dallas LGBTQIA community and our allies into action to make the "Gayborhood" a truly safe space for us all!

So grab yer flashlights, we're havin' us a march!!

Help raise awareness of needed improvements to our neighborhood streets and join the movement to say "never again" to hate motivated or violent attacks in our little corner of Dallas!

Halloween will be over, so let's chase away the monsters that stalk our streets with a little illumination! Bring flashlights (or any other kind of light you wish to carry) drums, horns, signs, your friends, families, lovers, hearts, dancin' shoes and voices!

We demand the following:

LIGHTS: We call on the city of Dallas to "Light up Oaklawn". The streets adjacent to the Cedar Springs Strip remain poorly lit and downright dark! This allows people with nefarious intent to lurk in the shadows, preventing folks from seeing an oncoming attack or identifying their attackers. We need additonal street lights to take away the hiding places from these creatures and make the streets safe to walk at night!

CAMERAS: We call on local businesses to invest in privately controlled security cameras in areas most likely to attract crime. When violence happens we must be able to identify attackers and bring these bullies to justice. Video surveilence is an invaluable resource in securing justice for victims of these crimes!

ACTION: We call on the city, DPD, local businesses and those who live, work and play in the "Gayborhood" to take substantive action to make Oaklawn an area where it is difficult to commit crime! Businesses must prioritize increased private security. DPD must prioritize stronger pressense and relationship building in the community. Neighborhood watches must be formed and supoorted and **WE** all must be vigilant and serious about each other's safety- reporting potentially hazardous situations, taking proper safety precautions when walking the streets and holding leaders and area businesses acountable for the security of the people they serve!

**We will meet in the parking lot near the entrance to the Oaklawn Library, 4100 Cedar Springs Rd at 7pm for a big ol' community rally with speakers and song!
The official march will step off at 8pm and wind through the streets of the gayborhood finishing with a grand procession down the Cedar Springs strip!
Alexandre's Bar is hosting an after party immediately following!**

Please help by sharing this event far and wide! Please use the hashtags #lightupoaklawn #lightscamerasaction #wearenotafraid

You can also help by signing and sharing the following petition:
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