Crush City: Revenge Of Yeezus!

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Crush City: Revenge Of Yeezus!
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Crush City: Revenge Of Yeezus! says
We were all left reeling last month when Jordan Doll, half of Crush City's governing body, was suddenly raptured by Hollywood.

However! The time for mourning, grief drinking and self-flagellation has passed. We must look forward. Ahead. Onward. To the future. Do you understand?! Of course you do.

We're getting back out there! Ya hear?! Crush City has only just begun to crush! Shine your funkiest dancing shoes. Iron your most luxurious garments! Buff your giggle girdle! Arrange your pubic hair in a festive pattern!

We've assembled a crush squad for the ages and they will use their jokes on you! Prepare your body for comedy from:

Your Handsome Host
Aaron Urist
Anthony Crawford
Zach Reinert
Geoff Tice
and also as well
Adam Cayton-Holland
but also headliner
Andy Haynes

**Due to some fuckery with the venue WE WILL BE DOWNSTAIRS THIS MONTH, in one of the studios. Fear not! It ruled last time!**

**We will also START LATER THIS MONTH! Late is good! Late is sexy! In Spain they don't eat dinner until midnight! Spain!**

9 PM
UNDER The Savoy at Curtis Park
2700 Arapahoe, Studio A

With the incredible Erin Stereo on the ones and twos!

Poster by Geoff Tice!

Presented by Illegal Petes!
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