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The Meaning Of Marxism
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The Meaning Of Marxism says
In January, February, and March, we will be discussing The Meaning of Marxism by Paul D’Amato, a concise but thorough book that lays a solid foundation for socialist theory and action. At this meeting, we will be discussing the Introduction and Chapters 1 - 3, which total about 50 pages. The book is currently available at 50%-off here:

Please also consider listening to “What Do Socialists Say about Capitalism, Socialism, and Human Nature?” by Phil Gasper:

We structure our study groups to include a brief presentation, followed by an open discussion period. We suggest engaging with the readings and talks, but this isn’t mandatory for participation.

Some questions we will consider: How is Marxism relevant to today's struggles? What made the socialism of Marx and Engels different from that of earlier socialists? If we are limited by our circumstances, how can we move beyond them? What is the difference between idealism and materialism? Is there such a thing as an immutable human nature? What, for Marx, is the starting point for understanding history? How and why did class divisions arise? Under what conditions could they disappear? Is capitalism simply the product of human greed? What is to be done?


Upcoming Discussions:

Feb 18
Chapter 6: No Power Greater—the Working Class
Chapter 7: Democracy, Reform & Revolution.

Mar 18
Chapter 11: Marxism & Oppression
Chapter 13: Imagine the Socialist Future.

(Event photo: “La Recuperación” by Equipo Crónica, 1969)
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By: International Socialist Organization: Denver Branch