Arthur Colvin, Sean Madigan Hoen, Nathaniel Shannon And The Vanishing Twin, Damien Done At Ufo Factory

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Arthur Colvin, Sean Madigan Hoen, Nathaniel Shannon And The Vanishing Twin, Damien Done At Ufo Factory
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Damien Done
"Sparse, minimalistic rock and roll dirges from Damien Moyal, frontman best known for his tenure in the hardcore punk band As Friends Rust.
In an irreverent detour from hardcore angst, Damien Done croons over bleak, narrative numbers that crawl like molasses, and are peppered with hints of blues and doom."

Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin

Latest single "Debutantes"

"Brooklyn-via-Detroit artist Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin debut full length, Trespasses, out October 28th via Aqualamb Records. Originally thought lost in the chaos of several breakups and subsequent moves throughout Brooklyn, Trespasses is an album that almost never was. Multi-track sessions for the songs were eventually unearthed and revisited, taking shape with the mixing and mastering assistance of Today Is the Day’s sonic mastermind Steve Austin. The songs’ dark themes are reinforced in the album’s accompanying artwork, also created by SHANNON who is an accomplished photographer and multimedia artist.
The hymns that make up Trespasses present an uninhibited glimpse into the murky corners of SHANNON‘s life-long fascination with the psychology of lurid sounds and visual arts. SHANNON describes the album as “a fantastical exploration into the mind of a person trying to hold his composure, and not let his inner demons loose. These songs are inspired by true situations I have read about, experienced, or created as an exercise in living out the life of characters who aren’t real, but could be. This is the soundtrack for a horror film that doesn’t exist.”

Sean Madigan Hoen

Former vocalist/guitarist of The Holy Fire and Leaving Rouge, Sean Madigan Hoen’s second solo album—and first since 2007’s The Liquor Witch—will be released on December 21st. Ocean Avenue is a collection of nocturnal, neon-smeared rock best suited for late night drives and low-lit rooms. A Michigan native, December 21st will mark his first Detroit solo performance in nine years.

Arthur Colvin
Contrary to the name, AC is actually a duo of longtime collaborators Dave Graw & Scott Stimac. While it couldn't be musically further from nearly all of their past projects, their ideals and approach remain. They don't mess around in the middle of the road, they dwell in the outer reaches. AC has self released two full lengths in the past year and are currently finishing work on their next release.
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