Punk Rock Bbq At Kelly's Bar Hamtramck!

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Punk Rock Bbq At Kelly's Bar Hamtramck!
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Punk Rock Bbq At Kelly's Bar Hamtramck! says
Everyone's invited out to Kelly's Bar Hamtramck for a fuckin' rad Punk Rock BBQ.

Hang in the yard * See some bitchin' bands in the sun * Dance around like ya got no sense, cause ya don't * Drink some beer and smoke with the bad kids * Talk about some bullshit * Chew on some BBQ * Thank your lucky stars you're still alive!

We got bands from Cleveland, Brad on the grill, mobile screenprinting, and the first time performance of Vessels In Distress. And there's gonna be cake.

MAGIC CITY - (Cleveland, OHIO) Individuals from the Cleveland underground punk scene. Singer Julia is one of the realest chicks in the scene and if no ones moving around at a show you can bet she already standing on the bar about to jump onto an unsuspecting crowd. Bassist George is notorious as a member in BAD NOIDS, as is guitarist Paul who fronts the infamous INMATES and runs NON COMMERCIAL RECORDS. Jayson on drums fills his time in the CLOUD NOTHINGS and together they're MAGIC CITY!

COTTON PONYS - (Cleveland, OHIO) Rainbows, sparkles, unicorns, cupcakes, smiley faces. Coming to surf a heavy flow of menstral mayhem. These women are gonna fuckin' knock your heads off!

SROS LORDS - You guys know these guys, because they're special. Slime core, magic wave, b-movie core, chunder punk! Mo, Jamie, and JLZR are demented for your pleasure.

DEAR DARKNESS - Samantha has apples on her cheeks and I have crime in my eyes. We're both half dead, or half alive--depends on how you look at it.

JIMMY OHIO - Jimmy is a fucking Detroit legend and he's returning to live performance, after a hiatus. His vocal stylings are reminiscent of Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine at their best. You're gonna dance, jerky!

NANCY NEGATIVE - Nancy Negative shreds! Her cool, half-hearted vocals work as understatement to the glamour of the lyrics. Shit's fun as hell!

THE CREEPOS - The Creepos are a four member music group who perform covers and original music influenced by the 50s and 60s era.

VESSELS IN DISTRESS - Premier preformance. Members are Johnny Lazer (Sros Lords, Human Eye), Elizabeth Kemp (The Clots), and Stacey MacLeod (Dear Darkness). We kinda sound like Adult. crossed with Joy Division crossed with Cibo Matto crossed with the Dead Milkmen. FUCKING DANCE ELECTRONICA PUNK!

VOID SIPHON - Experimental, noise jazz from Jamie Cherry (Sros Lords) and Justin Krolczy (Nebula Smile, Reverend.)

Plus, we got Scott from Hybrid Ignition Mobile Screen Printing!
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By: Dear Darkness