So I Married an Axe Murderer

Film, Comedy
Myers (half of the Wayne's World duo) takes a giant step for nerdkind in this less than subtle Hitchcock spoof, which aims a blunderbuss at serial killers, multi-lingual lounge singers, and the Queen Mother. While buying haggis for his bizarre Scottish family, Myers meets butcher's assistant Travis. Despite an aversion to long-term relationships, he falls for her hook, line and sinker - until he begins to suspect that she may be a deadly serial marrier who has already claimed three victims. The crass Scots jokes are irresistible; Alan Arkin's cameo as a mild-mannered police chief is sheer perfection; and the cultish references to Beat poetry should please slumming hipsters. Like an exploding haggis, funny but extremely messy.

Release details

Duration: 92 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Thomas Schlamme
Screenwriter: Robbie Fox
Cast: Mike Myers
Nancy Travis
Anthony LaPaglia
Brenda Fricker
Charles Grodin
Alan Arkin