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Hong Kong's best beer bars

Join the beer revolution sweeping the city with these 20 awesome drinking holes

Join the beer revolution sweeping the city with these 20 awesome drinking holes. By TOHK staff. Photography by Calvin Sit


1 The Roundhouse Taproom

Good for: Microbrews on tap 

Number of beers: 41: 24 (tap), 17 (bottle) 
Recommended: Tuatara Pils (tap: $78) 
Most expensive beer: Brewmeister Armageddon ($999) 
Cheapest beer: Yona Yona Ale ($52) 
Happy hour: Daily midday-8pm

Since opening late last year, The Roundhouse Taproom has become the place to go for draft microbrews. Boasting the city’s largest offering on tap (there’s 24 in total), this warm, high-ceilinged bar – and its note-filled iPad menu – has got you covered for a world of modern, global tipples. Hungry? Don’t go past their delicious brisket and pulled pork – perfect Texan fare when you’re working your way through the vast selection of brews. Mark Tjhung

62 Peel St, Central, 2366 4880; roundhouse.com.hk.


2 Belgica 

Good for: A quiet Belgian tipple 
Number of beers: 81: one (tap), 80 (bottle) 
Recommended: Kasteel Triple ($78) 
Most expensive beer: Bush Prestige de Nuits ($780) 
Cheapest beer: Leffe draft ($58)
Happy hour: Daily 5pm-7pm

This quiet Kennedy Town hole-in-the-wall has been operating under the radar for just over a year now. Serving purely Belgian beer, the exposed brick face bar slash restaurant draws in local crowds with a taste for Europe – they also serve a nice mussels and frites set to go with a variety of pale and dark ales, not to mention a healthy dose of Euro cheese music. Ysabelle Cheung

Shop B2, G/F, Hau Wo Court, 25-33 Hau Wo St, Kennedy Town, 2817 7717; belgica.hk.


3The Beer Bay

Good for:  Cheap Brit craft bottles 
Number of beers: 62: seven (tap), 55 (bottled) 
Recommended: Innis & Gunn Blonde (bottle: $40) 
Most expensive beer: Generation Ale Shepard Neame (bottle: $350 )
Cheapest beer: Bachata Thomas Hardy ($35) 
Happy hour: None

About as unpretentious as you can get, this little booth near the Central pier to DB is a brew haven for commuters hitting the ferry. Don’t let its unassuming nature fool you though – The Beer Bay has one of the best selections of bottled beers in town for close to half the price, with a particular specialty for excellent British ales. Graham Turner

Pier 4, Central, 3481 7290; thebeerbay.com.hk


4Barn II

Good for: All things English
Number of beers:56: 12 (tap), 44 (bottle) 
Recommended: Titanic Chocolate and Vanilla Stout ($73)
Most expensive beer: Several draft inc Boddingtons (tap: $83)
Cheapest beer: San Miguel ($46) 
Happy hour: Daily 6pm-9pm 

Do you adore English ales and stouts? If so, you’ll love Barn II. A lively bar, bedecked in screens showing sports, with pool and other pub games, this is the place to go for a true taste of the British brew. The grub is classic bistro fare which pairs well with beers from breweries like The Beer Kitchen, Titanic and Theakston. Ciders also star here, as well as imported bottles of lager. Drink to the Brits! Matt Fleming

1/F Cigna Tower, 470-484 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, 2591 0346; facebook.com/barn2cwb.


5 The Canny Man

Good for:  Scottish dark beers 
Number of beers: 51: five (tap), 46 (bottle) 
Recommended: Wee Heavy (bottle: $70) 
Most expensive beer: Guinness ($77) 
Cheapest beer: Several bottles including Carlsberg and Asahi ($58) 
Happy hour: Daily midday-9pm

This is Hong Kong’s only dedicated Scottish bar, tucked away underground giving it a cosy, warm ambience with all kinds of tartan and Scottish regalia adorning the walls. Be sure to check out what guest ale they have on tap, and try the haggis balls, now. GT

Wharney Guangdong Hotel, 57-73 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, 2861 1935; thecannyman.com.


6 The Globe

Good for:  Anything and everything 

Number of beers: 150+: 13 (tap), 140+ (bottle) 
Recommended: Mountain Goat Steam Ale ($65) 
Most expensive beer: San Michele Carmen ($320, 750ml) 
 Several beers incl James Boag’s
Cheapest beer: Premium Lager ($52) 
Happy hour: Daily 9am-8pm

This homey Central gastropub has become the centre of the city’s beer community, partly through their renowned sud selection (it’s the biggest in town), partly through the charisma of owner, Toby Cooper. Beers from anywhere and everywhere are available here, with an increasing selection of global microbrews and guest tap-takeovers recently adding to their traditionally strong lineup of Brit ales. Read our full bar review here. MT

45-53 Graham St, Central, 2543 1941; theglobe.com.hk.


7Dickens Bar

Good for:   A big global beer selection 
Number of beers: 83+: 13 (tap), 70 (bottle) 
Recommended: Ryan and the Beaster Bunny by Evil Twin (bottle: $89) 
Most expensive beer: Snowball Saison ($168) 
Cheapest beer: Asahi, Carlsberg, Heineken, Stella ($69) 
Happy hour: Daily 4pm-8pm

Dickens is your large and relaxed British-style pub, perfect for after work thirst-sating, particularly with its good value happy hour. The bar, which was renovated in 2012, features a carefully curated selection of beers; the globally curious can try tipples from Hawaii, New Zealand and Sweden to name but a few. The menu is re-printed every month due to the high turnover of beers – so keep dropping in to see what’s new. Anna Cummins

B/F, The Excelsior, 281 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, 2894 8888; mandarinoriental.com/excelsior.


8 Inn Side Out

Good for:  American microbrews and Belgian beers 

Number of beers: 130: 18 (tap), 112 (bottle)
Recommended: Fuller’s London Pride (tap: $62)
Most expensive beer: Chimay Blue Jeroboam, Duvel Jeroboam ($825)
Cheapest beer: Various bottles inc Carlsbeg ($50)
Happy hour: Daily 2.30pm-8pm

With a beer menu sorted by ‘exciting’ and ‘boring’ tipples, it’s apparent that Inn Side Out, a breezy, peanut-crunching bar located atop a driving range in the South China Athletic Association, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Regardless, their triple-digit beer selection is extremely serious. Take your pick from Belgian, American, British, German, French and even Cambodian micro-imports, alongside an impressive on-tap selection. Read our full review here. AC

2/F, SCAA, 88 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay, 2895 2900; elgrande.com.hk.


9 Rockabilly

Good for:  Craft beers with rockabilly tunes 

Number of beers: 19: four (tap), 15 (bottle) 
Recommended: Kona Big Wave ($58)
Most expensive beer: Whychwood Ginger Beard ($84)
Cheapest beer: Zulu Blonde ($50) 
Happy hour: None

Love rockabilly music? Love rockabilly style? Love a great party vibe? Love trying some hard-to-come-by craft ales from South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, France and the USA? Love Rockabilly, then. This new LKF spot stands out on the strip. The brews here are almost as good as the rockabilly tunes which blast out of the speakers, transporting you right back to the 50s. Read our full bar review here. MF

12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, 2869 0099; rockabilly.com.hk.


10 Ruggers

Good for:  Belgian beers and bottled English ales 
Number of beers: 77+: six (tap), 71 (bottle) 
Recommended: Grimbergen Double (tap: $80) 
Most expensive beer: Several Magnum bottles inc Abbaye Des Rocs ($700)
Cheapest beer: Asahi and Corona bottle ($50) 
Happy hour: Weekdays 5pm-9pm, Sat 6pm-9pm, Sun 7pm-9pm

Don’t be fooled by the sporty moniker – Ruggers is all about the beer nowadays. Ruggers maintains a buzzing atmosphere most nights, partly due to its enclosed outdoor smoking terrace. Enjoy picking from the copious range of great Belgian bottled beers, 10 or so top English ales, or just indulge in the bargainous happy hour lagers.  AC

Ruggers, G/F, 6 Yiu Wa St, Causeway Bay, 2777 7638; bit.ly/Ruggers.


11 Frites Belgium on Tap 

Good for:  Belgian, Belgian and Belgian 

Number of beers: 75: four (tap), 71 (bottle) 
Recommended: Kasteel Rouge Quadrupel (bottle: $65) 
Most expensive beer: Bush de Prestige (Scaldis Prestige) ($1,100) 
Cheapest beer: Palm, Artvelde, De Koninck ($60) 
Happy hour: Weekdays 3pm-7pm

This relaxed Belgian beerhall is enjoyably authentic, with benches that encourage conviviality, and the alluring aroma of ale seemingly ingrained into the very walls. Frites serves a smashing array of Belgian brews – helpfully organised and described in its lengthy ‘Beer Bible’ – including Trappist, light, dark, extra-strong and fruity brews, among others. Barman Nish in the Wan Chai branch is officially the best Stella Artois-pourer in Hong Kong, so make sure you sample his wares.  AC

1/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Shop 6, 2217 6671,
1/F, Causeway Ctr, 28 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, 2877 2422,
G/F, Oxford Hse, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, 2250 5188; 
Shop 1, G/F, Park Haven, 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, 2142 5233



12 De Belgie

Good for:  A Belgian beer fest 

Number of beers: 160: six (tap), 154 (bottle) 
Recommended: Montagnarde Ambree ($88) 
Most expensive beer: Bush Prestige de Nuits ($850) 
Cheapest beer: Floris Fraise ($68) 
Happy hour: Daily 4pm-8pm (free frites!)

Situated between the nu-hipster joints on Peel Street and less charming establishments populating Soho, De Belgie is a safe bet for those wanting to unwind a little after work. Offering an impressive selection of Belgian beers (tip: there’s a whole different menu that’s actually not on the menu), sports screenings and hearty Belgian waffles, this bar packs a punch.

21 Elgin St, Central, 2869 8388; belgie-group.com. YC


13Eastside Tavern

Good for:  American and Canadian craftbrews

Number of beers: 30: nine (tap), 21 (bottle) 
Recommended: Anchor Steam ($70)
Most expensive beer: Volpino, Tabachera ($82)
Cheapest beer: Several inc Molson Canadian ($58) 
Happy hour: Weekdays 3pm-9pm, weekends midday-9pm

Lovers of American beers and grub flock to this East TST
bar and restaurant, which sports the motto ‘eat, drink and play’. The beers here may not be as ‘way out there’ as some venues in town but there are some top USA and Canadian tipples, like the Canadian Black Tusk Ale ($60) and the Big Wave Golden Ale ($70) from the USA. The food here – like the ribs and steaks – pair well with the brews while you’re watching sports on the big screen.

Shop G30-G33, G49-G51, Empire Ctr, 68 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui E, 2367 8770; eastsidetavern.com.hk.



Good for:  Belgian beers 
Number of beers: 35+: 2 (tap), 33+ (bottle)
Recommended: Leffe Blonde ($45) 
Most expensive beer: Trappist Rochefort 8/Gulden Draak ($65) 
Cheapest beer: Blanche de Bruxelles ($40) 
Happy hour: None

Matching Stanley’s holiday vibe, Grouchos is an ultra laid-back hangout for anyone interested in premium beers with rocking burgers and parmesan fries. Boasting around 25 types of Belgian beers along with some local brands and a few oddities (pizza beer, anyone?), this cosy outdoor bar is made for chilling out to waterfront views on a sunny day. Vineeta Maruti

Stall 4, Stanley Waterfront Mart, Stanley; facebook.com/cafegrouchos.


15Tipping Point Brewing Co

Good for:  Their house brews and draft microbrews 

Number of beers: 18: 11 (tap), seven (bottle) 
Recommended: The house Belgian-style wheat, infused with kumquats and ginseng (tap: $88)
Most expensive beer: Rogue Outmeal Stout ($128) 
Cheapest beer: All bottled beers ($68) 
Happy hour: TBC

Yes, a brewpub! Just launched on Wyndham Street (and still in soft open), this venture from Que Vinh Dang of TBLS fame is the newest star on the beer block. The self-proclaimed beer enthusiast promises to bring a chef’s approach to brewing, creating a constantly rotating menu of experimental microbrews (kumquats! Ginseng! Hazelnuts!) produced on site in addition to a wide selection of varieties on tap. Up for a big one? Book the party table, which comes complete with its own tap – you can just pour the beers yourself! 79 Wyndham St, Central, 2868 2892; facebook.com/tippingpointbrewingco. MT. Read our feature on HK's brewing scene here.


16 Hong Kong Brew House

Good for:  Global micro-imports
Number of beers: 111: nine (tap), 102 (bottle) 
Recommended: Sheepshagger Gold Cairngorm ($75)
Most expensive beer: 3L Chimay Blue or Duvel at ($750)
Cheapest beer: Cambodia’s Kingdom Pilsener ($45)
Happy hour: Daily 3pm-9pm 

For a massive range of ‘exciting micro-imports’ set against the madness that is LKF, you can’t go wrong with Hong Kong Brew House. This may be an area where any drink generally goes – but the crowds who hit up this peanut-shells-on-the-floor joint like a more sophisticated tipple from Mexico, Italy, Belgium, the USA, England, Scotland, Germany, France or even Cambodia. House recommendation: don’t do the ‘boring beers’. Try something unique…

G/F & Basement, 21 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, 2522 5559; elgrande.com.hk. MF


17King Ludwig

Good for:  Family-style German beer clinking 

Number of beers: 20: six (tap), 14 (bottle) 
Recommended: Maisel’s Weiss ($75) 
Most expensive beer: Hoegaarden ($88) 
Cheapest beer: Arcobrau ($64) 
Happy hour: Daily midday-8pm

It’s Oktoberfest year round at this medieval style dining hall, where long tables and huge frosty glasses of German beer make a merry marriage. Families and parties alike gather here regularly to chow down on authentic Bavarian delicacies and sample some German beer in Hong Kong. YC

Five locations incl G/F, Greenfield Mansion, 8 Kingston St, Causeway Bay, 2556 7033; kingparrot.com.


18 Stone’s

Good for: Global microbrews 

Number of beers: 13: four (tap), nine (bottle) 
Recommended: Rogue Dead Guy Ale (tap: $70) 
Most expensive beer: Kagua Rouge ($100) 
Cheapest beer:
 Several microbrews inc Anderson Valley
Poleeko Pale Ale ($65) 
Happy hour: Weekdays 3pm-8pm; daily 11pm-close

Always welcoming and amiable, this Tai Hang neighourhood gem is a haven for top microbrews, great American pub food and bluesy tunes. Decked out in a shiny black and rouge, Stone’s serves up a distinctly modern, always changing, menu of worldly brews. Check out what’s on their rotating taps whenyou pop in. MT

1-9 Lin Fa Kung St West, Tai Hang, 2570 6858; facebook.com/stonestaihang.



Good for: Belgian beers 
Number of beers: 100+: 3 (tap), 97+ (bottle)
Recommended: Chimay Premiere Tripel ($78)  
Most expensive beer: Westvleteren 12 ($588/330ml) 
Cheapest beer: Several bottles inc brands Augustijin, Do Koninck, Kapittel Abt ($68) 
Happy hour: Daily 3pm-8pm 

This hole-in-the-wall might be small but it boasts a huge selection of 100-plus bottles focusing on the Belgian beer tradition. Staff expertly navigate their iPad menus and this mostly alfresco gem offers a vast range of craft beers and Belgian imports, including an extensive selection from their namesake Trappist breweries. VM

Shop 1C, Gold Coast Piazza, 1 Castle Peak Rd, Tuen Mun, 2587 7706; facebook.com/trappist.hk.


20Grand Central HK

Good for:  US and UK craft beers
Number of beers: 28: eight (tap), 20 (bottle) 
Recommended: Well’s Banana Bread Beer ($85)  
Most expensive beer: Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer UK ($89) 
Cheapest beer: GC Ale & Asahi on tap ($60) 
Happy hour: Weekdays 3pm-8pm.

Grand Central jazzes up the quintessentially American sports bar concept. There’s a decent selection of imported craft beers emphasising American and British brews, plus rotating blackboard specials to suit the charcoal
grill-heavy menu. 

Shop R001, 3/F & Roof, Civic Square, Elements, TST, Kowloon, 2736 4888; grandcentralhk.com. VM


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