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China Tang mooncakes
Photograph: Courtesy China Tang

Best mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

Shoot for the moon
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Jenny Leung

The idea of chomping on endless mooncakes may seem far away right now, but before you know it, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be upon us, and you'll be scouring left and right trying to find the perfect festive treat to gift to family and friends. Every year, the creative flavours and phenomenal packaging lure us in, and this year is no exception. Here are our best picks so far...

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11 best mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

If you're looking for a vegan and gluten-free option, try The Cakery’s four guilt-free mooncake flavours packed with all kinds of healthy superfoods. Variants include black sesame (black sesame, pumpkin seeds, and raisins), red date and mixed nuts (red dates, cashews, dried apricots, and pink pitaya powder ), oolong and peach (white bean paste, milk oolong tea, and dried peach), and lemon and yuzu (lemon, yuzu, and turmeric powder). You’ll find one of each flavour in a wooden box elegantly wrapped in a beautiful Furoshiki wrapping cloth.

Vegan, gluten-free mooncakes (4pcs)
$363/box (early bird price, until August 15); $428/box (standard price)

Impress your friends and family with China Tang's mooncake gift boxes filled either with classic white lotus seed paste with double egg yolk mooncakes, or mini crafted egg custard mooncakes. Each mooncake is fluffy yet flaky made with the finest ingredients. The eco-friendly, vibrant gift boxes bear China Tang’s classic Chinoiserie motif. Its elegant design will make for a marvellous centrepiece on the dinner table. 

White lotus seed paste (4pcs) and mini crafted egg custard (8pcs)
$278/box (early bird price, until Aug 31); $308/box (early bird price, Sept 1 to 29); $388/box (standard price)


Duddell’s is known for releasing standout mooncakes every year, and this season they're pulling out all the stops. Introducing the lava cream custard mooncake, whipped up by the Michelin-starred restaurant's executive chef Li Man-Lung, Duddell's mooncake gift sets are nothing short of exquisite. You can choose from two beautifully designed boxes crafted by the award-winning creative firm Mo-Design. Each box replicates a traditional red lantern complete with LED lights. So, if you’re looking to impress your friends and family this season, Duddell's might just be your answer.

Signature gift box (6pcs)
$368/box (early bird price, before August 17); $398/box (standard price)

Giving the traditional sweet treat a savoury twist, Feather and Bone has cooked up a set of mouthwatering, savoury mooncakes this year. Made with Valenca free-range pork and Lardo di Colonnata (Tuscan cured pork-fat), each mooncake holds a bacon-studded meat centre spiced with nutmeg, sage, thyme, garlic, and more. Each pack of two will be available in Feather and Bone stores and online shops.

Pork mooncakes (2pcs), $178 (available from Sept 1)


Joining in on the festivities this year is Fortnum & Mason. Fortnum's lotus seed mooncakes are infused with their finest Royal Blend tea known for its natural, honey-like flavour and pleasing maltiness. The gift box is simple but elegant and comes in Fortnum’s signature Eau De Nil coloured box, bearing imperial legends embossed in gold. The box contains four decadent Royal Blend mooncakes each stamped with a unique Fortnum’s design, plus a caddy of its splendid loose tea leaves to complement the mooncakes.

Royal Blend mooncake gift box (4pcs), $688/box 

For the chocoholics, Godiva Chocolatier has got your back.  The shop has whipped up six Chinese-inspired chocolate mooncakes! Choose from pairings such as red bean and osmanthus, mango and ginger, as well as matcha and kumquat, and indulge in perfect bite-sized mooncakes made with chocolate ganache, pate de fruit centres, and crunchy elements such as nuts for texture. This one should definitely go on our shopping list.

Mid-Autumn chocolate mooncake gift box (4pcs), $328/box


If you’re looking for a healthier option, Green Common has your best interest. Apart from the return of its popular blueberry mixed nuts mooncake, there will also be a brand new vegan collection featuring two unique flavours – figs with pistachio and oat, and mixed nuts with blueberry and purple sweet potato. These festive treats are made using various plant-based ingredients, so you can munch away without any guilt.

Mixed flavour vegan mooncake (6pcs)
$288/box (early bird price, July 31 to Sept 6); $328/box (standard price)
Classic blueberry mixed nuts vegan mooncake (4pcs)
$258/box (early bird price, July 31 to Sept 6); $268/box (standard price)

This place needs no further introduction when it comes to mooncakes. There are nine different mooncake gift sets in total which include red bean paste mooncakes with rare 80-year dried tangerine peel, their best-selling seven-star mooncake set, featuring one large white lotus seed paste mooncake with six egg yolks, surrounded by seven assorted mini mooncakes. And if you’re hoping to spread the festive joy this year, get the charity mooncakes in partnership with Heep Hong Society, a local charitable group dedicated to helping children with special needs. The box – printed with beautiful drawings by the children of Heep Hong Society – contains four pieces of white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks. All proceeds from the sale of the charity mooncakes will go towards Heep Hong Society’s diversified services and facilities. 

Red bean paste mooncakes (8pcs), $838-$1,188/box
Seven-star mooncakes (8 pcs), $998/box
Heep Hong Society charity mooncakes (4pcs), $428/box
*Call 2820 8551 or send email to place order


The Langham has outdone themselves this year with their offering of two charming mooncake gift sets, both lavishly adorned with blooming florals. The Langham's mini custard with egg yolk mooncakes will convert non-mooncake eaters to a full-fledged patron with its soft and silky textures, and a centre that's packed with flavours. If you’re looking to mix things up this year, the deluxe mini mooncake assortment offers a range of fragrant goodies that combines tradition with modern flavours like red bean paste with mandarin peel. 

Mini custard with egg yolk (6pcs) and deluxe mini assortment (6pcs)
$288/box (early bird price, until July 31); $320/box (early bird price, Aug 1 to 31); $428/box (standard price)

The handcrafted mooncakes made by Lung King Heen’s executive chef is a guaranteed knockout. On top of their traditional classic mooncakes, the culinary team created a new flavour – Chinese date mooncakes with walnuts. You can purchase the new flavour in a six-piece, mini-sized assorted set, or enjoy it with other Lung King Heen creations such as the preserved eggs and pickled ginger flavour or the lotus seed paste mooncakes with salted egg yolk and black truffle. If you prefer to stick with the classics, then the cream custard with toasted pine nuts mooncake is not to be missed. Guests who purchase Lung King Heen mooncakes online will also receive a tin of complimentary tea leaves from Yú teahouse.

White lotus seed paste (4pcs), $518/box
Chinese date mooncake with walnuts (6pcs), $520/box
Assorted signature mooncakes (6pcs), $560/box


Ming Court is known for its exceptional, authentic Cantonese cuisine, so expect nothing less from their mooncakes. Their deluxe mini mooncake assortment set contains something for every palate to enjoy whether you go for the traditional white lotus seed paste with egg yolk, the ever-popular custard with egg yolk and kumquat, or the brand new red bean paste with chestnut flavour. We especially enjoy the custard with egg yolk and kumquat mooncake where the tartness of kumquat is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the custard.

Mini custard with egg yolk and kumquat (6pcs) and deluxe mini assortment (6pcs)
$258/box (early bird price, until July 31); $288/box (early bird price, Aug 1 to 31); $388/box (early bird price, Sept 1 to 27)

Here’s something meaningful for you to do this Mid-Autumn Festival. For every box of Rosewood Hong Kong’s mooncakes sold, either from The Butterfly Patisserie or its online shop, the hotel will be donating a lunchbox to ImpactHK, a local charity that helps the homeless and those less fortunate in Hong Kong. The hotel’s special mooncakes are crafted by their creative culinary team which makes each piece a work of art. The must-try mooncakes from their selection are traditional white lotus mooncakes, chocolate mooncake – silky, sweet, and slightly bitter – and the mini assorted flavour set, which contains exciting flavours like mint jasmine tea, Lapsang Souchong, and red bean mandarin peel.

Traditional white lotus (4pcs), $498/box
Mini assorted flavour set (6pcs), $428/box
Chocolate mooncake (6pcs), $438/box

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Vive Cake Boutique’s signature short-crusted custard mooncakes are not to be missed this year. Encased in beautifully designed packaging that features the iconic “moon rabbit” amongst a bed of clouds and twinkling stars, this collection comes as a set of four mouth-watering mooncakes. This includes two of their classic short-crusted lava custard mooncakes – best known for its unique cookie crust-textured pastry, and two of their newest short-crusted golden custard mooncakes infused with Tie Guan Yin tea. Perfect as a gift or even as a treat for yourself, check out these lovely mooncakes for a modern twist on the iconic pastry!

Award-winning Chinese restaurant YUE is bringing two fantastic mooncake collections to the table this year – the Classic and the Fragrant. While we love sticking to the classic option, the fragrant collection is definitely a must-try. Offering three irresistible oriental flavours, this six-piece collection features two mooncakes from each of the following flavours: custard, ginger lotus paste with egg yolk, and – our favourite – pandan paste mooncake with egg yolk.

Classic collection (4pcs), $428/box
Fragrant collection (6pcs), $358/box

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