The best chicken wings in Hong Kong

Apparently, the bird is the word and wings are the best part. We spread ours to scope out the best restaurants for chicken wings in Hong Kong.

Junk food, we love it. Whether it’s juicy burgers, spicy tacos or fried chicken, the humble wing is a little more guilt free than it's greasy counterparts. Whether they're hot wings, deep fried, Asian or Western style, we’ve scoped out Hong Kong’s winning wings.

Hong Kong’s best chicken wings

The Big Bite

Big Bite serves a decent poutine but don’t miss their killer buffalo wings, especially on Tuesdays when they’re $3 each. If you’re feeling brave, go for the Homicide Hot Wings that register 1.5 on the Scoville spicy scale. If you can eat six Homicide wings in less than three minutes and then last a further three minutes without refreshment, you’ll score yourself a badge and a place on the wall of honour. Feel the burn! 

North Point


This tiny spot atop Peel Street has a hip Korean pub vibe, complete with outdoor seating. Stop by for house-infused soju cocktails and Korean-influenced snacks. Though not exactly Korean, Edition’s parmesan chicken wings marry succulent chicken and salty cheese to make a winning combo. Edition’s salt and pepper, spicy and garlic wings are well worth a try, too. In fact, all of Edition’s snacks make for excellent drinking accompaniments.


Roundhouse - Chicken and Beer

Chicken and beer are a match made in heaven, so it should come as no surprise that Roundhouse, a specialist in both, serves some of Hong Kong’s best chicken wings. There’s sweet relief for anyone who loves wings but hates nibbling around the bones, as Roundhouse’s are served boneless. They come in some classic varieties including buffalo, lemon garlic, honey garlic or the ominous ‘Explosive’ wings, named for their spiciness. Shouldn’t be a problem, though, what with all that cold beer. 

Wan Chai

Sama Curry

Sama’s Sapporo soup curry is a meal in itself, with different levels of spice ranging from baby bear to adult and crazy bear. If you need a little relief from the heat, or just want a cheeky side dish, order a serving of the Nagoya-style curry wings. These wings are marinated in salt and pepper, sugar, soy sauce, sake, mirin, ginger juice and garlic and are fried to perfection, with just a hint of curry. 

Sheung Wan

TamJai SamGor Mixian

Inventor of the hot and numbing soup mixian (a type of rice noodle from Yunnan province), TamJai SamGor serves its noodles in a soup with nine levels of spiciness. This place is another instance of an awesome purveyor of spicy soup providing some of Hong Kong’s best chicken wings. Hailing from a different province altogether, the Hunan-style cumin spiced chicken wings are a savoury dish of beauty. We guarantee one plate won’t be enough. 

Wan Chai

Tai Ping Koon Restaurant

Though nothing to do with Switzerland, Swiss wings are said to have originated in Hong Kong, apparently earning their name through a mispronunciation of ‘sweet wing’. These beauties are marinated in soy sauce, sugar, Chinese wine and spices and, though apocryphal, word is the dish was invented at Tai Ping Koon. It’s a no-brainer then that this is the place to go for some Swiss action. 

Yau Ma Tei

Fried chicken more your thing?


Jacky C

Big bite is good.

Anyone tried the chicken wings at Pho Bar though??

Clifford D

Does the 1.5 Scoville scale you mention for the big bite mean 1.5 million? or 150,000?