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Where to buy art supplies in Hong Kong

Five of the best shops to get supplies for all your artistic needs

1. Artland

Exclusive staples

This place is an artist’s haven. Whether you’re a beginner, student or professional, Artland provides a vast range of art supplies to fit your needs, be it crafts, sculpture, painting or drawing. They have exclusive distribution rights to many of the brands that they carry, which means it won’t be easy to find their products elsewhere. Artland also supports beginner artists by displaying their work at the gallery located in the store. Check out their website and see how you can participate in their weekly exhibitions.

Paint roller, $80
Ruler, $43
Pastel box, $152
Wooden rollers, $180
Wooden palette, $45
Mask, $36
Adler Rowney angle shader, $19
Daler Rowney 2’ brush, $53
Paint knife, $60
Adler Rowney paint brush, $219
Colour balls, $20
Coloured pencils, $280
Multi-ruler, $80
Duo Aqua Oil ink, ranges from $65-$157

Artland 3/F, 301-307 Lockhart Rd, Lockhart Centre, Wan Chai, 2511 4845; artland.com.hk.

2. CN Square

Beginner artistry

Compared to Artland, CN Square carries more affordable art supplies and stationery that are perfect for beginners and students. The three-storey shop has an extensive range of supplies that range from paint sprayers to moulding clay. Whatever medium you choose, they’ll have something to get you started.

Kewen ruler, $39
Easel, $139
Paint sprayer, $1420
Mannequin, $42
Bamboo wrapped stamp, $14

CN Square 503 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, 2384 2430; yp.com.hk/chungnamhk.

3. Kubrick

Hipster hub

Kubrick has long been known for their trendy book store, but don’t forget to check out the specialty shop tucked away in the back that carries a range of creative stationery and DIY products. After your purchase, you can relax, order a cup of tea from the café and open a book to absorb some much needed inspiration.  

Classiky memo pad, $50
Owlendar, $40
Thesis eco pencils, $66
Hemp twine, $60

Kubrick 3 Public Square St, Yau Ma Tei, 2384 8929; kubrick.com.hk.

4. Man Luen Choon

Chinese art and calligraphy

Man Luen Choon gives off a peaceful vibe with its organised space housing a range of intricate brushes, papers, books, ink, slabs and many more items which are essential for Chinese art. Having been around since 1955, Man Luen Choon has also amassed a cultural archive of rare brushes and slabs that would be beautiful decorative pieces around the house. If you want to get zen with it and try your hand at Chinese watercolour painting or calligraphy, this shop has all the supplies you need. And after you’re done, they can frame your work of art and help you mount it too.

Ink slab, $300
Red ink holder for stone seals, $400
Brushes (from left to right)
Chicken feather brush, $90
Wisdom brush, $4,560
Gourd brush, $950
Horse brush, $250
Badger brush, $2,400
Straw brush, $350

Man Luen Choon
2/F, Harvest Bldg, 29-35 Wing Kut St, Central, 2544 6965; manluenchoon.com.

5. Dirty Panda

Gritty graffiti

Let the city be your blank canvas for inspiration. If you’re the kind that likes to turn public space into visual masterpieces then you’re going to need the right tools to get started on that abandoned warehouse wall you’ve been meaning to get to. The cool industrial space at Dirty Panda probably houses the widest range of spray cans, markers and acrylics in town. Their variegated walls are lined with a vast range of colour options for spray paint. Whether you’re going for modern pop art or want to jump into the deep end with murals that express political unrest, you’re sure to find the right aerosol spray can at Dirty Panda.

Posca 8 colour markers, $150
94 spray can, $40
On the Run markers, $60 each
Limited edition spray can, $180
Spray can caps, $3 each
T.N.T set, $280

Dirty Panda Unit 22, 12/F, Block A, Profit Industrial Bldg, 1-15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, 9252 5663; dirty-panda.com.