Bone Dance With Cheryl Shakti Ma

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Bone Dance With Cheryl Shakti Ma
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Bone Dance With Cheryl Shakti Ma says
Houstons free-form Ecstatic Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. Details:

Do you ever notice how your bones move when you dance? I love to loosen my muscles and just let my bones do the dancing. The motions can feel so different from learned muscle movements, like wild erratic swinging, swaying, jiggling, floppy, wobbly balancing. When I let myself go like this I experience my body in a different context than usual and I feel free and have fun with it.

There is a trance dance where the dancers peel away the layers of self, all the way to the bones, in their dream journey. It is a shamanic ritual called the Bone Dance in which participants dance everything loose, relinquishing flesh, blood, organs, thought forms, beliefs and ideas, releasing core patterns, dismembering layer by layer, piece by piece, til nothing remains but bone and spirit. They shake it all off, then reassemble and re-member themselves. This is a deeply cleansing and freeing process, bringing total renewal of self-concept to the dancer.

Ecstatic Dance doesn’t require dropping into trance, though sometimes we do. It doesn’t require letting go or changing any part of ourselves, though sometimes we do. Sometimes it just happens naturally, effortlessly, in the flow of the dance, as we enjoy moving grooving and playfully expressing ourselves together.

This dance invites us to have our own style of Bone Dance, to realign our physical bodies with our eternal joyful and loving spirit and appreciate our bones, the incredible framework of our body. Our skeletons carry us through this lifetime from our primal beginning in the womb until becoming our final remains on earth. They also carry the stories of all the places we’ve walked in the world and the stories of the ancestors who walked and danced the earth before us.

So this Sunday, in honor of all the skeletons who have come out of their closets to hang around town, let’s shake our junk and rattle dem bones!
Have a beautiful day, Cheryl Shakti Ma
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