Gsa Willy Week + Beer Bike 2017: Draft Punk

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Gsa Willy Week + Beer Bike 2017: Draft Punk
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Gsa Willy Week + Beer Bike 2017: Draft Punk says
Introducing Beer Bike 2017: DRAFT PUNK.
Beer bike is nearly here and that means a full week of picnics, games, revelry and NO RESEARCH (ok, first three the GSA guarantees, last part is on you). Each day there's an assortment of activities, taking place in the Captain's Lounge, GSA Commons, and Valhalla. The excitement culminates Saturday with a bike-chug relay race, which the GSA is certain to win, due to the fact that we are SMARTER BITTER FASTER STRONGER than the undergrads!! Check out the full schedule below, and please volunteer your time to make these events happen!

MONDAY 3/27: Doin' Wit Right
- 3-5pm: Coffee break with ROPE (GSA Commons)
- 6-8pm: T-shirt sale and picnic (GSA Commons) *** Shirts are $10
- Saint Arnold pint night (Valhalla)

TUESDAY 3/28: Robot Bock
- 5-7pm: Crafternoon (Captain's Lounge)
- 8-10pm: Trivia (GSA Commons)
- Real Ale pint night (Valhalla)

WEDNESDAY 3/29: Booze Yourself to Dance
- 6-9pm: Poker (Captain's Lounge)
- 8pm- : Karoake (GSA Commons)
- Brash pint night (Valhalla)

THURSDAY 3/30: Barreldynamic
- 6-10pm: Root Beer Kart, board games & movies (Captain's Lounge) Sign up for teams here:
- Buffalo Bayou pint night (Valhalla)

FRIDAY 3/31: One More Stein
- 6-9pm: Kickoff picnic with team announcements (GSA Commons)
- Houston craft beer night (assorted local breweries - Valhalla)

SATURDAY 4/1: Smarter, Bitter, Faster, Stronger
- 10am-2pm: DRAFT PUNK BEER BIKE (bike track, Greenbriar) ***
- 2-7pm: Picnic celebrating annihilation of undergrads (GSA Commons)
- Manager's choice beers on tap (Valhalla)

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