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Legacy Live Event 2015
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In order to build a business that makes a difference, to change peoples lives and change the world you must do something others aren't willing to do.

We need to become "REAL" entrepreneurs.

Becoming a real entrepreneur means we have to be different. Entrepreneurship is an exclusive game, and we have to not only do what it takes to play, but do what it takes to win.

Talent and passion are great and necessary, but THEY AREN’T ENOUGH! With a commitment and dedication to analysis, financial planning, sales and accountability, anything is possible.

Leaving a legacy is more than just leaving a business to your kids, or being remembered by your family and friends.

It is about building something that makes a change in your family, your community and your world. It is about… something bigger than yourself. It’s about building a business that is a vehicle for change, a business that doesn’t just shape your life, but shapes others as well. You can create something that stands the test of time. That lives on without you. That can make money when you aren’t running it.

That is what it means to leave a legacy.

And to do this, you must have the courage to take a stand for the change you envision and the fearlessness to take the actions necessary to create something that is bigger than you.


So you have the talent and passion but how does that turn into a business that makes a difference? The missing piece is the strategy and guess what – strategy is learned. Your opportunity to learn the strategy is at Michele Scism’s LEGACY Live Event.

This event is more than informative. It is transformative.

You’ll leave the event with a customized, clear plan of action that will help you build an audience and leverage that audience into profit, so that you create more than a successful business, you create a lasting legacy. A legacy where your purpose and passion touches the world.

What do you want to leave behind?
What do you want to be remembered for?
How much money do you want to make?
Will your life and your work make a difference in this world?

A Legacy business is a vehicle for your ideal life, and the Legacy event is like nothing you have ever taken a part of. This event isn’t about sitting in a room taking notes. It’s about taking ACTION. And having fun while we do it.

Your Host - Michele Scism
CEO of Decisive Minds, Success Strategies for Women Business Owners

Got questions? We are happy to answer them. Contact us by either calling or emailing and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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By: Decisive Minds, Success Strategies for Women Business Owners