Treat Your Self With Cheryl Shakti Ma

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Treat Your Self With Cheryl Shakti Ma
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Treat Your Self With Cheryl Shakti Ma says
Houstons free-form Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. Details:

It’s National Ice Cream Day and I’m gonna treat myself!
Not just to a gelato… I’m making it a day to treat myself well.

The way we treat ourselves and others sets the template for how the world treats us, so let’s make it good! We can practice together in this Sunday’s dance by honoring how we feel, paying attention to our internal responses. We decide what to invite in, when to engage or move away, how to set boundaries, and how we generate our desired outcomes.

Maybe if you want more contact you practice offering your hand or arm to someone, or if you want more space you practice bowing out. Our body language signifies to others what we are open to. Let’s notice if what we are attracting is actually what we desire. What's working and what can we do differently to align our physical body movements with how we choose to be treated?

I like believing that everyone is born deserving all the goodness that life has to offer and that as we uplift one another we all thrive together. Let’s share this dance knowing there is abundance here for everyone. There is enough. Love. Power. Respect. Time. Space. And Ice Cream.

I invite you to treat yourself to a fresh, fun loving dance! Let’s witness what happens when everyone treats themselves and each other well. We’ve made a pretty wonderful place for this already! How much better can it get?

After dance I’m treating myself to a dish of yumminess from SweetCup Gelato. Hope you can join me!

Much Love and Blessings! Cheryl Shakti Ma
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