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A unique collaboration at the Almacén Cultural Center marries illustration with poetry

Illustration by Sheina Szlamka
36 vues du Canal Saint Martin

"Time is the metre, memory the only plot"

-Derek Walcott

Memory, a poignant theme in Saint Lucian poet Derek Walcott's works. In response to the prolific post-colonial poet and painter's passing earlier this year, acclaimed French illustrator, Sheina Szlamka, has chosen to honor the man behind the memories with a unique project, called "Interior Panorama."

Illustration by Sheina Szlamka

In conjunction with the 4th Tel Aviv Illustration Week, Tel Aviv Municipality, and Portfolio Magazine, the Almacén Cultural Center has opened its home to Szlamka for a two-week residency inside their gallery space. During this time, the talented illustrator will transform the space into her own personal studio as she illustrates six large scale drawings using mediums such as ink, gold leafs, and acrylic.

Illustration by Sheina Szlamka

Each creation will focus on a different poem that encompasses Walcott's themes, spanning "worlds and senses represented by poets whose personal cultures and identities propelled their art" with the goal of constantly challenging us. These include: Agi Mishol's cognitive "Geese," Adonis' nostalgic poem "Celebrating Childhood," and of course, "Omeros" by Walcott himself.

Illustration by Sheina Szlamka

Under the curation of journalist Noga Tarnopolsky, "Interior Panorama" examines the Walcottian theory of 'multiplicity within one,' whereby the "fullness of humanity and talent relates to quandaries that are fundamental to our age, in which identities are split at their root, their treetops expanding into canopies lacking any boundaries."

Illustration by Sheina Szlamka

Come experience a crossover of art forms, mediums, languages, cultures, religions, histories, and memories, portrayed through Szlamka's visual language.


Exhibit opens November 18. Almacén Cultural Center, 1 Hapninim St, Jaffa (facebook.com/AlmacenJaffa)

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