The Swan and The Pimp

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
The Swan and the Pimp
The Swan and The Pimp
The Swan and The Pimp

Hillel Kogan’s whirlwind duet defies the black & white nature of relationships.

In his new work, Hillel Kogan continues to deal with the complex relationships between the artist, the creation, and the performers as they ponder the meaning of dance on a professional and personal level. The brilliant choreographer of the satirical work, "We Love Arabs," deliberately breaks the boundaries that once separated him from his accomplice, the young dancer Carmel Ben Asher, to highlight the gaps in age, experience, and sexual orientation. As he shines the spotlight on these stereotypes, Kogan seeks to reveal the sexuality, seductiveness, and the voyeurism that lie hidden, in his opinion, within the artistic aura of dance.


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