Prentzip - להקת פרנציפ

Music, Pop
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Hitchhiking stories, bedroom malfunctions, one special pop song and lots of groove.

This rock/pop quartet is a rising force in the local Tel Aviv music scene. Their songs are witty, humorous, and relatable. Every song tells a story about the everyday, things that happen to all of us – no shame, no glory.  Led by singer Haim Kalvo who lays it all out on the table, his dialogue and stories between songs are as melodious as his voice. With songs so catchy, you'll come back again and again. 

Opening act (acoustic): Orel Tzafarov



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Songs from youtube-
1. “Lo mischak yeladim”-

2. “Shir pop” (from a concert)-

3. “Al trempistit”-

4. "Be’emet yacholti"-

By: Jennifer Greenberg


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