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Not your average falafel stand: check out the newest pita-packed creations

While falafel and sabich are delicious Israeli staples, there are so many more wonders to discover in the world of pitot

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We get it, falafel is delicious. Yes, sabich is so sensual it can make you feel things you’ve never felt before. But, imagine a world outside these staples...a pita-centric world packed with new flavors, vegan cauliflower creations that will melt-in-your mouth, and meats so juicy they might even give you an orgasm. The Tel Aviv and Jaffa street food vendors have been on their game this year as they come up with new ways to elevate the fluffy pita, following in the footsteps of Eyal Shani, while Jerusalem is holding strong to their authentic roots, but also upping their game. Check out what these popular pita spots have to offer.

Falafel-less pita-packed restaurants in Israel


Dwiny Pita Bar

One of the hottest spots in town, owner Dini Kasorla’s pita joint has become a hub for hip people seeking a good vibe and a hearty meal. It’s simple, from the meatiest, to the most vegetable-overflowing pita you can find. Everything that works well in a pita is here. Local seasonal ingredients take center stage alongside nostalgic dishes and new ones, all in a fluffy pita pocket. You’ll find “chraime” (a spicy North African fish), fried red mullet, plump vegetables and endless fillings. The vibe is pumping and overflowing with a young, happening crowd. Don’t miss the iconic 3-step fries that locals are drooling over.

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Machne Yehuda

Shmuel Kebabs

From the classic rice or salad and tahini side dish to the iconic pita or baguette, the serving vessel doesn’t matter, what matters is the meat. Featuring lamb kebabs grilled to perfection, Shmuel Kebabs is a carnivore’s dream. If the meat skewers weren’t enough to steal your heart, the cute and charming staff offering a chaser of Arak to wash everything down will be. Not only is the food beautiful, but the stylish decor provides a great escape from the chaotic Carmel market just outside its doors.

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Shuk  HaCarmel

Miznon – Ibn Gvirol

When you hear the word “pita,” you may automatically think of falafel, shawarma, and sabich. At Miznon, celebrity Chef Eyal Shani is redefining the pita as a serving vessel for a plethora of mouthwatering meat and vegetarian options. Just about anything you can fit in a pita is on offer here, including a rich and meaty minute steak, shakshuka, chicken liver, and kebabs. Vegans and vegetarians alike can find tasty fare here too, with a slow-cooked ratatouille that melts in your mouth and the juicy head of a whole cauliflower that oozes flavor. Paired with the loud and lively atmosphere and the free pita and tahini nibbles, Miznon is the Mecca of Israeli street food. Don’t forget to visit their other locations at 1 HaNechoshet St and 30 King George.

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Tel Aviv City Center


As all the restaurants and eateries in the city are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, polished, and sealed with a neat bow, an authentic initiative feels like a breath of fresh air. Such is Jasmino, the new snack bar opening next week under the guidance of restaurateur Shaul Tevet. Perched on Allenby - the busy nightlife hub, Tevet promises locals a quality street food establishment that draws the drunk munch crowd. The new pearl will serve up simple, yet sensational, charcoal grilled options in grab-and-go pitas. The four options include: kebabs, chicken, housemade sausage, and spicy veal heart. All of these come with salad and pita, hot peppers, grilled onions and tahini. Be the first in your group to swing by this hot spot magnet, then tell all your friends. The more the merrier.

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White City

Shawarma Bino

Bino serves up the Israeli street food staple you've secretly been craving without even knowing it. Layers of lamb meat, veal meat and succulent lamb fat soak into their warm pitas creating a concert in your mouth. Peppered with secret seasoning, Shawarma Bino comes with a select number of additions, including chuma pepper, red eggplant salad and chopped onion. If you try to alter the order, be ready to receive the cold shoulder - and for good reason: the Bino Shawarma should be eaten exactly as is. If you choose to do otherwise - you'll pay the cost.

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Shuk HaPishpeshim

Miznon – King George

Celebrity Chef Eyal Shani has redefined street food in Israel with Miznon, a pita-centered joint where culinary expertise meets incredible ingredients. The atmosphere is loud and lively: just order your food, sit back, enjoy the free pita and tahini nibbles, and wait until your name is called. Just about anything you can fit in a pita is on offer here, including a rich and meaty minute steak, chicken liver, steak and eggs, kebabs and shakshuka. Vegetarians can find a good meal here too, with a slow-cooked ratatouille and the simple deliciousness of a juicy head of cauliflower that oozes flavor through its simplicity. Don’t want to leave home? Order in - they deliver. Miznon has multiple locations in the center of Israel (1 HaNechoshet St and 21 Ibn Gvirol) and even one in Paris!

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White City
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